Just My Luck

I was supposed to have an outpatient medical procedure this week.  I am usually anxious about any medical appointments besides basic preventive health care.  The past week my anxiety has been much worse than usual.

I got sick on Friday.  The procedure had to be moved to later this month.  Now I have it hanging over my head even longer.

Brighid showed her connection with me last weekend.  I was running a temperature Satirday night and had chills.  I wrapped myself in a blanket and curled up in a fetal position, coughing and feeling like crap.  Brighid jumped up.  She usually demands attention by doing the cat thing of walking across my body, head butting, kneading and otherwise making her highness’ presence known.  Not that night.  She jumped up, sniffed, then curled up at my head purring. When I woke up during the night, she was there.  She was still there when I woke up Sunday morning.  She probably jumped down during the night for a while but she was there mostly.  She does the same thing when I have a migraine.Msje was a huge comfort.

I took a nap today.  She curled up next to me.  My cough woke me up, hacking like I was coughing up a lung.  She looked at me in astonishment when I sneezed.  If I didn’t feel like I was choking or about to puke, it would be much more amusing.

The loyalty and love of an animal is so comforting.


Still in the FIght

My friend and I were staying with my parents, since the vet who did the surgery is in their town, about 100 miles from where I live. We got there Sunday night, had Koda at the vet first thing Monday, and stayed until today, hoping he would turn around.
He isn’t doing well at all. I spent Monday and Tuesday feeding him a high calorie special soft food I make. Ferrants call the concocotion “duck soup.” Think Chicken Soup for the ferret; filled with healthy stuff. It can vary in consistency. Koda’s is very liquidy, since he’s also fighting dehydration. Unfortunately, pretty much everything he eats comes out the other end in a watery mess. Not much is getting absorbed.
 This morning, he was not doing well. He was lethargic, barely able to walk. But, he was still all Koda. When I put him down on the floor while I cleaned his cage, we watched him weakly walk to the dog bowls, and select a piece of dog food to eat. Typical Koda. He was so weak, he couldn’t chew the large kibble. I helped break it into pieces he could manage.
I made the decision that it was time to let him go to Rainbow Bridge. Carol gave him a large dose of lorazepam so he would go to sleep. I held him and talked to him when I wasn’t crying. I gave him permission to go to the Bridge but my heart wasn’t in it. Back in October, when Taliesin was dying, Carol gave him some medications so he’d sleep. He passed to the Bridge in my arms. In a way, it’s both harder and easier crossing them to the Bridge at home. It takes longer for the ferret to go from sleeping to the Bridge. But, he gets to stay home, with his family.
Anyway, I held him for two hours while they made breakfast and cried at the table. Carol and I had to pack up to go back home. I put Koda in his blanket, in his carrier. He had food and water available. When we stopped for lunch over an hour later, we checked on him. I expected he would be gone. Instead, there was a small poo in the box, still runny, but formed a little more. And there was a ferret, with bright eyes, looking at me. I took him out, gave him some ferrevite paste and some Pedialyte.
Carol and I talked. She remembered a vet telling her about a puppy who had very serious diarrhea. It got to the point the family decided to put him to sleep. The vet gave the medication… and the puppy woke up two days later, diarrhea gone.
. Evidently the medication was “evacuated” through Koda’s system and didn’t gently OD him like we planned. We decided he must want to stay- or not be ready yet. We pulled his food mush, thinking perhaps it was making his intestines and pancreas work too hard. I’m giving him pedialyte and his ferret vitamin gel (high calorie). We are giving him small doses of tranquilizer. We hope that we can keep his gut quiet enough to heal and provided enough calories and nutrition through the pedialyte and vite to give him a chance.
Before bed tonight, I’ll medicate him and then offer him some plain chicken baby food. It may be more gentle on his system. He’ll also get a syringe full of pedilyte with vite mixed in. Hopefully, he’ll hold in the baby food…
Please keep sending Koda energy and prayers.
When I got home, I was so exhausted and had a major migraine. I took my medicine and a nap. While I was asleep, I dreamed about praying to the Goddess to give Koda strength and to heal him. The dream turned into a ritual.
 After dinner, I took a white candle. I put some sandalwood flakes and lavender on it. I also rubbed some Ferrevite on it.
I cast a ritual Circle. I didn’t use fancy calls for the Quarters, just called the Guardians of the four directions. I chose to Call both Artemis and Brighid. Artemis is known to be both a huntress and protector of animals. Brighid is a three- fold Goddess, but in Her Mother aspect, She is a healer and goddess of hearth and home. I consecrated the candle to the four Guardians and to the Goddess and God. I drew up as much energy as I could, directed into the candle for strength and healing for Koda. When I meditated, I spoke to Artemis and Brighid. I asked Them to bless Koda with healing and strength. I asked the Crone face of Brighid to give me wisdom if it is Koda’s time to cross to the Bridge and to care for him until I get there. What I asked was for healing for the ferret, unless it will cause him undo pain or harm. If it is his time, then it isn’t right to try to “force” him to stay. I thanked Artemis, Brighid, and the Father God for THeir presence and blessing, then dismissed the circle. Nothing was fancy or rhymed. It was totally done from my heart, with little preplanning. I left the white healing candle to burn out.
Throughout the ritual and at the end, I felt a sense of peace. I don’t know what is going to happen to Koda. I hope he recovers and spends several more years trying to steal Brigid’s food (kitten) and Tessa’s (mom’s dog) food when she visits.
He is so food driven, he does tricks. It’s hillarious.
Please, my friends, keep sending Koda your energy and prayers. Even if he does ok tonight, he has a long road ahead.

Koda Bear hiding in the Leaves

 If you look carefully at the picture, you’ll see his tongue licking the leaf.  I wonder if he was considering take a bite…


Nap time

Ferrets pack so much joy, energy, and love into their days. They are truly a gift to have in the home. Sadly, their lifespans are short. They burn brightly and burn out rapidly, as a small shooting star.

Over the years, five of my ferrets have gone to Rainbow Bridge. There is something special about the elder ferrets. They may not have the same energy for adventure but they find more peaceful pursuits. I formed a special bond with my furkids as they aged. They cuddled more and I could see peace and happiness in their eyes. I provided end of life care. Often, this required hand feeding and medications. They paid me back with love, often grooming me or cuddling for a nap.

Koda had a reaction to his adrenal surgery. The vet thinks he developed pancreatitis. He lost almost a pound in four days, due to serious diarrhea. He was rehydrated at the vet’s office. Unfortunately, there isn’t a treatment for ferrets. We have to wait and hope his pancreas heals. In the meantime, I provide supportive treatments. Koda is handfed a special, high calorie, high protein, “soup” and his hydration monitored. He eats well and drinks. He sleeps inbetween feedings.

Today, his eyes look brighter. He is more interested in his surroundings. But, the diarrhea continues.

I’ll be much happier when his leavings return to normal.

I am honored to have been sent ferrets to care for in this life. Their bright little souls are a gift to everyone around them.