Run intervals on the track I was told.
I head out in the snowy, foggy cold.

I toe the line to start the workout 
Two hundred meters to crank out.

The first 100 meters went well
Then the workout went to hell.

Where is the track? Where did it go?
It’s buried under a foot of snow.

I follow what I thought was the turn
My thighs starting already to burn.

The footing is rough; obstacles hidden 
My common sense was overridden 

I kept stumbling over uneven terrain
Until I landed on my ass-again.

It will do no good if I break an ankle
The recovery time will surely rankle.

I needed to finish the workout still
To the gym, dear runner, and the dreadmill.

Buried track

Two Dollars and 26 Cents

We all take things for granted.  Things like basic life skills: washing,  getting dressed, eating, walking,  etc.  After brain injuries, many people struggle with Post Concussive Syndrome.  The after effects of our brain injuries stay around.  Sort of like the smell of my running shoes in the summer.

Some  TBI survivors never function the same post-injury.  They need help with basic things. There is such a variety of how much people heal.  And it doesn’t matter if it was a “mild” TBI or one “more serious.”  A mild TBI is like “slightly pregnant.”  You either have one or you don’t.  The chances of after effects increases due the severity of the injury.

At times, it can be equally frustrating and funny what becomes a challenge.  Making change.  Really.  A skill I had in grade school.  I bought a snack and wanted to pay for it with some of the collection of change.  The amount? $2.26.  How many quarters?! What about these dimes, nickels, and pennies?!  Slowly I count it out.  Then again.  And again.  Totally confused.  Fortunately, the clerk knew me and gently helped me figure it out.  🤓  She is a psychology student.  It’s funny how the small things can be a challenge but other things still come easily.  I don’t think I’ll ever totally figure this out.


Cat and Ferrets

Four ferrets helped raised Brigid from about 10 weeks old. The kitten became part of their business (a group of ferrets is a business). She often slept in their hammocks and shared their food. Lady Tosca, Jester, and Koda Bear have gone to Rainbow Bridge.  Kaliyah remains as leader of the ferrets.

Brigid, Bobby, and Kaliyah are all a family but the interactions between adult cat and ferrets are different.

 Brigid and Kaliyah Fall of 2015

Brigid no longer fits in the hammocks but still visits the ferrets in the cage and shares a meal.  They still cuddle in other places.  It’s so cute to hear Brigid purring as she falls asleep next to the ferrets.

The ferrets still act toward her as another member of the business.  They play together although the style of play is a bit different. While all three play chase games, the ferrets also want to play wrestle- much to Brigid’s disdain.  She’s not thrilled to have a ferret pounce on her back in ferret play.

A few days ago, Brigid played chase with Bobby.  I heard Brigid “complaining.” I checked to see what was happening.  Bobby had latched on to Brigid’s lip.  This is a wrestle/ play behavior.  Ferrets often will latch onto each other playing.  I think this was a squabble.  All three of them periodically miss the signal to quit.  It also happens between the ferrets.  All was well.  Brigid’s ego was damaged.  Later that night, Bobby and Brigid shared a treat of Carivore Care.  Their relationship remains intact.

Another time, Brigid came off the loser in a chase game.  Kaliyah dove under the couch.  Brigid face planted into it.  I swear that I heard Kaliyah laughing.

In December, I finished putting up the tree right before the ferrets’ playtime. I have an artificial tree. Kaliyah climbs the tree at least once every year.  This year, Brigid decided to climb it as well.  Kaliyah weighs 1.5 pounds. Brigid weighs 13 pounds.  You guessed it.  The tree fell over.  No injuries to either cat nor ferrets.  Or the tree.  I don’t bother with decorations anymore.

 Bobby and Brigid Fall 2015
Go Seahawks!

No.  I definitely don’t bother with decorations.  There’s no point.



They are so different but put the differences aside to be friends and family.  I wish people were more like this.

The little ones give me a smile daily.  They’re always into something. Or planning something.

Find something that makes you laugh.  It helps.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” is a ferret’s life.  They haven’t learned the “Mischeif managed” part and probably never will.


 Koda Bear in 2010.  He was part of the business that raised Brigid.  He went to Rainbow Bridge in 2012.