I try to keep this blog off the topic of politics, mostly because I find what is happening politically in the United States horrible.  I discuss it enough on Facebook to just about give me an ulcer.

The stances of over half of the states’ governors regarding refugee resettlement reflects the fear and, sadly, bigotry the country seems to have fallen victim to. 

This is a map of the states whose governors have refused admission.

Almost 53% of Americans polled do not support Syrian refuges settling in the United States.  What is wrong with us?  

I do not support ISIS or any other terrorist groups.  But, not all Muslims are terrorists.  The Syrian refugees are just that- people fleeing the wars and hoping for a better life.  There is a stringent vetting process before they’re allowed into the country.  That can take 18-24 months.  It would be much easier for a terrorist to fly into the country.  This is how the process works:

“If you’re a refugee, first, you apply through the United Nations High Commission of Refugees, which collects documents and performs interviews. Incidentally, less than 1 percent of refugees worldwide end up being recommended for resettlement, but if you’re one of them, you may then be referred to the State Department to begin the vetting process,” said Oliver. “At this point, more information is collected, and you’ll be put through security screenings by the National Counterterrorism Center, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security, and if you’re a Syrian refugee, you’ll get an additional layer of screening called the Syria Enhanced Review, which may include a further check by a special part of Homeland Security—the USCIS [United States Citizenship and Immigration Services] fraud detection and national security directorate.

John Oliver

Here is the link to the article: How it Works

I’m greatly saddened by the number of Christians I have spoken to the past week (both on and off the Internet) who support not allowing the refugees for various reasons.  This is against the faith they say they follow.  They should be leading the way in helping refugees, not  fighting them entering the country. Here are a few Biblical examples of refugees.
Exodus 12:37-39

Now the sons of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand men on foot, aside from children. A mixed multitude also went up with them, along with flocks and herds, a very large number of livestock. They baked the dough which they had brought out of Egypt into cakes of unleavened bread. For it had not become leavened, since they were driven out of Egypt and could not delay, nor had they prepared any provisions for themselves.

After the birth of Jesus, Joseph was  instructed to take Mary and the baby and flee to Egypt.  Herod threaten to kill the baby.  Jesus himself was a refugee.  (Matthew 2:13-15)

In Matthew 25:35-46, Jesus instructed his followers to feed and clothe strangers and to allow them to settle in the area. Those who take care of others are welcome in the kingdom of heaven; those who don’t won’t be allowed in.  

How can anyone, Christian or not, can see this and not feel empathy and a willingness to to help:

Syrian refugees