First Frog

Today was Spring Equinox, or Ostara. It is the day where light and dark is equal, a day of balance. We see the Goddess awakening after the winter sleep. Trees are budding, early flowers bloom. Here, the spring winds blow and the weather is unpredictable.

My friend celebrated her birthday today as well. I prioritized the celebrating my friend over the casting of a ritual Circle. Life is about building relationships. There is no better way to celebrate Her than to be with friends, as they are among Her greatest gifts to us.

After returning home, I took care of my ferret and cat chores. Litter boxes do not wait, holiday or not. Then, I celebrated Ostara with my furchildren. A lesson I learned long ago is whiskers and candles do not mix. With five furry critters, simplicity was choice. Yet, it was spiritually meaningful.
The majority of Circle was meditation. I needed the quiet focus time. I chose to focus on the Crone's role in rebirth. I know this is a rather odd choice for Ostara, as it is generally a holiday associated with the Maiden. However, I have been dreaming of bats and fascinated by them recently. They are associated with rebirth, among other things. Honestly, I have liked bats for years, but more intensely recently. I feel "Bat" is trying to reach me. I felt a sense of Her presence and reassurance. She is pleased with my growth, in relation to the TBI, but there is more coming. It was an intense experience.

The ferrets played elsewhere, although the energy in the Circle attracted them to visit, and enticed a brief game of pounce from Bobby. It was amusing to watch. He played with me and Kaliyah for several minutes. Then, he saw something interesting on the other side of the room and bounded away.

Scout was barking at the door after the I ended the Circle. I have been hearing frogs for weeks. The first frog came to visit tonight. Frogs are also associated with change, growth, and healing.


Hope springs eternal
Flowers in the worst tempest
After the storm, peace.

This has been a rough time for me.  While I continue to improve, the post concussion symptoms continue to waylay me at unexpected times. Even my taste in food has changed.  I don’t like salmon anymore.  Some food with strong smells make me queasy.  It’s a constant discovery of change.

Most people both want and fear change.  I’m no exception.  I enjoy a certain amount of predictability and routine.  Change now is upsetting.  Yet, change is life.  Change is growth.

I have hope.  No matter what happens, I have friends and family.  I know in the Universe, there is a purpose behind what seems a calamity to me.  Growth and healing is possible.  Hopefully, someday my experience will help another person.  I don’t believe those accident was “sent” to me.  I believe that I can choose a path toward healing and peace.  Even if I were not to get much more improvement, I will still find a way to to have a meaningful life.

“Health is the greatest gift,
 contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.”