Quite Lucky

Just tell yourself. Duckie, you’re really quite lucky.”

This quote is from Dr. Suess:”Did I ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?”

I frequently don’t recognize how lucky I am to be alive and able to participate in life as much as I do.  The brain injury changed my life and I am often overwhelmed by the changes and how much they really suck.  Yet, I am lucky.  The injury could have been devastating.  I rolled a car three times down an embankment and hit a tree. 

No matter how bad things are, there is something good- no matter how small.

Perhaps I’m lucky because I experienced brain injury.  I had to reassess my life and make changes.  Because I have difficulties, I’ve learned that I have to allow people to help more.  I can’t be as self-sufficient.  Is this lucky?  Yes.  Simply because I didn’t let people into my life very much.  I have more insight into mental and physical health disabilities.  I live it.  These experiences will make me a better social worker if I ever get to the point that I’m able to work- or volunteer.  

I’m lucky to have supportive friends and family: to have a wonderful cat and be able to foster three ferrets for a family.  Brighid and the ferrets always bring smile.  Brighid is also a little healer.  She’s responsive to pain, both physical and emotional.  I’m lucky to have a solid income and a place to live.

I have so much more than others.  I’m lucky.

Ferrets and Food 

Never leave a ferret alone.  Two are even worse.

I heard a crash and went into their room to see what it was.  I see two ferrets munching down on the food spilled from the storage container they knocked over.

A bit of the backstory.  When the ferrets are out of the cage to play I pick up their food.  My cat, Bridghid, is on a diet.  She climbs into the ferrets’ cage for a snack if I leave the food down.

Needless to say Bridghid was also quite pleased as she joined them for dinner. 


My ferrets are smarter than I.

Random cuteness and reducing anxiety

One way to deal with anxiety is to find something you appreciate and enjoy…




Brighid brings me joy and affection.  I am not as anxious around her.  She has a way of keeping me calm.  She is my familiar.

Bobby and Kaliyah are both at Rainbow Bridge now.  Although I miss them, I remember the lessons they taught.  Eat healthy,drink water, play, and get enough sleep.  Doing these things helps with lowering anxiety. They also made me laugh.  Ferrets are inquisitive by nature.  Watching them get into mischief and look totally innocent was fascinating.  I just couldn’t get mad.  They’re also fun to watch play.  They don’t worry about what people think.  They’re totally in the moment.

Reducing anxiety can be done in many ways.  I’ll write more tomorrow.  It’s now time to sleep 

Sad Day

DIP KaliyahThe choice to send a beloved fur child to Rainbow Bridge is a difficult decision. It is but wrenching. I made that choice for Kaliyah today .

She was an independent,curious, and adventurous soul. Kaliyah was always a bit of a solo ferret whose main enjoyments were exploring, stealing, and stashing. She enjoyed good cuddle, play, and grooming sessions with other ferrets and Cat Brighid.

The cage is empty now. All my ferrets wait at Rainbow Bridge. 

It is strangely quiet. No thumping as a ferret leaps from a hammock and engages in a good scratching session in the cage; no scrabble of ferret paws on the floor; no more chasing a ferret that just stole my running socks-again. I have always had a ferret-or two,or three, or five- since 1999. Now the cage is empty, silent, forlorn.  
The right choice are always the hardest. I’m relieved Kaliyah is no longer sick and in pain. When she perked up a bit at the veterinary clinic, there was a part of me that wondered if it was the right choice. I wanted to take her home so much. But I knew her body was done. 

fly high. at the Bridge


Eyes shine

Ferret dances and

Dooks while chasing toys

Then through a forbidden door

Left open beckoning exploration

Found the socks

Hidden safely


A Change of Post

I wrote about my meditation this morning in my recovery journal.  I usually share my thoughts in this blog.  Not today.

Today I need to talk about a passion in my life: ferrets. I love ferrets.  I’ve had them since 1999. I was blessed with nine wonderful  little lives:

Merlynn, Jester, Zahn, Druid, Lady Tosca, Koda Bear, Talisein, Bobby, and Kaliyah.

I have seven waiting at Rainbow Bridge.  I found out today that my little Kaliyah- my only ferret- has lymphoma.  She will soon join her friends and siblings at Rainbow Bridge.

bobby hanging out

Ferrets have given so much laughter, joys, frustrations, and tears. They shine brightly and burn out too soon.   Jester’s boundless energy and play- that little ferret never held still.  She was always bouncing, hiding, stealing, stashing.  Merlynn was a bit more dignified but was a wonderful thief.  She knew how to use zippers and loved to steal my mom’s wallet out of her purse whenever she visited.  Mom didn’t believe Merlynn could open zippers until she climbed up on a chair, unzipped mom’s purse, took her wallet and started to drag it under the couch.  Mom stared at her, then started laughing.  Koda loved his food.  He learned several tricks.  He also knew zippers.  Each one of my ferrets have a funny memory connected to them.  In most ways, the happiness balances out the sadness when they go to Rainbow Bridge. 

Taliesin shows ferrets can climb

koda bear and kaliyah steals a running shoe

Kaliyah is going to Rainow Bridge soon.  I think I’m taking a break after Kaliyah goes to the Bridge. I love them but I just don’t want to open my home to another one. At least not for a while. 


I’m certain some day in the future another ferret will find a home here.  But, not for a while.  My heart is too sore.

Rules With Ferrets

  1. I look sweet and innocent.  It is my secret weapon.
  2. Anything left on the floor is mine.
  3. If I can somehow reach it, it is mine
  4. My food dish shall ever be full
  5. I will poop right next to the litter box when out to play.  Close is good enough.  I have important ferret things to do
  6. If I can fit under it, I will
  7. Your underwear and socks are for my joy of stashing.  Especially when they are new
  8. Even if I am on the other side of the house, if you open the door to a forbidden room, I will be under your feet to charge the opening.
  9. Anything is a toy- except what you buy for me at the store
  10. I can get away with anything because I am adorable, sweet, and innocent.

our toy

I can reach it. it is mine