Cast Of Characters

I thought it appropriate to dedicate a page to the cast of furry characters that often appear in my blog.   Introducing….

The Ferrets 

Lady Tosca

 Lady Tosca is a lady with an attitude.  She is the ruling matriarch of the business of ferrets.  She puts up with no-nonsense and asserts her ferret will when needed.  However, she also has a playful side.  Her favorite games are wrestling with her group, the kitten, and her human.   Tosca loves to explore tubes, boxes, and any forbidden area.  Tosca is quite intelligent.  She learned how to open the cabinets in the kitchen, climb the back of the drawers, flip on her back and paw the drawer open to get on the countertops.  Her favorite treat is NBones.  She also enjoys Ferrevite.  The Lady isn’t all tooth and ‘tude.  She enjoys a good cuddle and kiss from her hooman and loves to snuggle with the boys for naps.  Lady Tosca has competition in the form of Kaliyah.  She and Kaliyah often “disagree” quite vocally and violently over just who is in charge.   Lady Tosca joined my family in 2007 at 8 weeks of age.  She is a DEW (Dark Eyed White).  Lady Tosca followed her beloved Koda Bear to Rainbow Bridge in 2014.


Taliesin was named after the famous Bard of Wales and King Arthur fame.  When he was a kit (baby), he would “sing” anytime I put him down.  He was quite vocal.  He also had a small bright mark on his forehead.  So, his name became Taliesin.  Tally-man is my gentle boy.   He loves to cuddle and give kisses.  Don’t think him a wimp, though.  He holds his own in ferret wrestling matches and loves to play “pounce” with his hooman.  Taliesin’s favorite treat is Ferrevite.  He is a very finicky boy.  He eats what he likes, thank you very much.  He joined my family in 2005.  Unfortunately, Taliesin has lymphoma and adrenal tumors.  (Update: Taliesin went to Rainbow Bridge in 2012)

Koda Bear

Koda Bear joined my family during a camping trip in 2006.   He is a chocolate sable male, the most common color.  His color may be common but his personality is all Koda.  He is motivated by food and very creative in obtaining treats.  Koda learned to unzip backpacks and other bags.  I found many well-chewed Cliff Bars hidden in stash spots until I consistently remembered to put the bags out of the reach of determined ferrets.  His partner in crime is Lady Tosca.  They work well together to open the bags to obtain treats.  Koda also learned several tricks to convince hoomans to give him yummies.  He will beg, roll over, and turn a circle.  He is learning how to jump over a small obstacle on command.  He enjoys a nice wrestle match occasionally.  However, Koda is mainly an explorer.  He gives sweet kisses. Update: Koda lost his battle with lymphoma and adrenal in 2013.  Dook on at Rainbow Bridge)


Kaliyah hails from Ground Effects Ferretry (GFX) in North Carolina in 2009 from championship lines.  She is a dark sable mitt.  Her markings are not show quality, but she is still a champion in my home.  Initially, Kaliyah was bullied by Lady Tosca to establish dominance.  However, as she adjusted to life in the business and matured, she decided that she wants to be the matriarch.  Being from a breeder, Kaliyah is not descented.  When a ferret is descented, the anal glands are removed.  What this means for Kaliyah is that she has a special weapon.  She can discharge her anal glands when upset, angry, scared, or excited.  This results in a scent rather like skunk.  Fortunately, it dissipates on its own.  It is a rather rancid scent.  Kaliyah’s nickname is “Scamper.”  She goes everywhere at a run.  Her favorite games include chasing and wrestling.  Kaliyah enjoys playing with the kitten.  Her favorite pastime is stealing anything she can and trying to stash it under the couch.  Kaliyah learned to open cabinets.  If I forget to leave the doors open, Kaliyah will get into the pantry, and use the doors to help her climb the shelves.  Once she gets to the level she wants, she’ll play in any open box or try to steal something.  Her greatest thefts were the two rolls of Lysol Wipes (packaged together) and my running shoes.  Kaliyah is now in charge after the passing of Lady Tosca.  


Bobby was found in a vacant lot with a dislocated shoulder and his left leg broken in two places.  He was taken to Ferret Haven, the local rescue.  The volunteers at Ferret Haven made sure he received the vet care he needed. Bobby underwent surgery to pin his leg and relocate his shoulder.  “Holding still” is an unknown concept to a ferret.  He needed a second surgery after the pins shifted.  He healed fully and came home with me in 2012.  Watching him, he shows no sign of his injuries.   He runs and plays like any other ferret. Brigid, Kaliyah, and Bobby love to play together.  Their favorite game is tag, taking turns chasing each other.  Bobby is happy to let Kaliyah be in charge.

Bobby recovering from surgery

Bobby last month. healed and happy

The Kitten


Brigid joined my family in July 2011 at 8 weeks of age. Her adoption was in the summer after my Traumatic Brain Injur and continues to bring healing and love to me.   She is a Siamese mix kitten.  Brigid has a white coat and gorgeous blue eyes.  She is all kitten.  She enjoys exploring and playing.  Her favorite toy is a plastic spring which she chases and pounces on.  At first, she was intimidated by the ferrets.  However, now they are her playmates.  Fortunately, she is a gentle kitten and does not use her claws.   She has a powerful purr.  

Update: Brigid has grown to be a most affectionate and incredible cat.  She learned to recognize when I had a migraine or just didn’t feel well.  She cuddles and purrs  to comfort me.  She also wakes me from nightmares then purrs me back to sleep.

The Dogs


Riley is a Standard Poodle and is my trained service dog for TBI.  He just came fully into service March 30, 2015.  He is an extremely intelligent dog who rapidly learned basic obedience and his service tasks. He just turned a year old in March.  He has been in training for this job since he was 49 days old.  He had plenty of puppy time daily, so don’t worry.  


Tessa is my parents’ dog.   She and my parents are frequent visitors.  She also appears in my picture on the blog.  Tessa is a three year old miniature Schanuzer.   Tessa is a wonderful and affectionate dog.  One cute habit she has is “carbo-loading” before walks.   My Dad will ask Tessa if she wants to go for a walk.  Tess will run to her food bowl and eat a piece of kibble.  This can continue for several minutes.  Tess is a “talker.”  She will answer you if you speak to her.  She also has “names” for each of the family; her vocal tones are different.  It’s really interesting.  Tess is a bit of a coward.  She is afraid of the kitten and the ferrets.  They will chase her around my house, as the dog runs for safety.   She is affectionate, though.  Her good humor and loyatly make up for her flaws in the bravery department. 

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