Meditation for July 25

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. ” – Buddha

My first impression of this quote was how it applies to wisdom of self.  Our day to day lives are hectic and loud; leaving little time for reflection and connection to Deity. Being ignorant of ourselves is part of why we get “stuck” in unhealthy patterns and beliefs.  These are components of both PTSD and depression- what we believe about ourselves and the world.  Negative patterns and beliefs affect relationships, work, life.  We are often ignorant of our ignorance.  Meditation slows us down.  It brings a sense of inner peace.  With this, we can work on self knowledge and start change.

This  is where meditation can be useful.  Slow down.   Focus on breath and gratitude for simple things.  Relax and reflect.  Allow yourself time.



Hate and change 

There was so much violence this week: too much.  Black Lives Matter protesting two more Africsn American men killed by police.  Five police killed in Dallas.  This blog isn’t about what happened or why.  Or perhaps it is, from a meta view.It basically comes down to hate, fear, anger.  These fuel the cycle of violence. Violence leads to more violence.  Hate leads to more hate.  

Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is the eternal rule. – Buddha.            

Hatred and violence are not the answers.  They only lead to more of the same.  The answer is to try to come together as is possible.  

It stems from fear of what is other.  Other races, religions, sexual and gender orientation. It’s also about control and wanting to be on top of the food chain.  Yet, if we destroy each other, if we damage relations on the way, we lose.  

Addressing fear and hate is what will lead to change.  

Vulnerability and Shame

There are two TED Talks by Brene Brown.  One deals with vulnerability, the other with shame.  They overlap.  Shame prevents us from being vulnerable.  They both keep us from being authentic, creative, innovative, and having healthy relationships.  Listening to vulnerability and shame prevent us from feeling connected to others.  Connection is vital to our mental an ps emotional lives.

I have problems with both.  Vulnerability is weakness and dangerous.  It is the opposite of strength.  But it really isn’t.  It takes courage to face yourself in the mirror and be willing to let go of who you think you are and be vulnerable.  

Shame is easy to carry.  We all have shame.  Some of us just carry a shit load that we really don’t need.  You see this in PTSD all the time.  Shame and blame games.  

With the brain injury, I was thrown into having to be vulnerable in some ways.  I had to accept help.  I had to let go of what I did as who I am.  I had to try to let go of shame that I carried for years- now a new load added shame because of the TBI and feelings of failure.

Check out both of the presentations.  



Watch the one  about vulnerability first.  They’re worth the time!

The Tree

The strongest and most majestic tree gently stirs, its leaves sighing in the soft breeze.Its roots sunk deeply into the earth reaching for the sky.  

But even the the most vigorous tree can be toppled by the howling winds of storm. Torn from its roots, it slowly dies leaving skeletal remains. 

There is a glimmer of life in death. A seed may sprout to new life.