Happy Birthday Dr Suess

March 2, 1904

Dr. Suess reaches into the hearts and minds of generations of people with their honesty, insight and simply fun rhymes.  He shares wisdom expressed in a unique manner.  I’m going to share several of my favorite Dr. Suess quotes over the next few days.  

“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

This quote has meaning to me because it encourages people to have fun and quit being so serious all the time.  It encourages stepping outside the comfort zone and society norms and expectations.  I always tended to be very serious in some ways.  Acting goofy or drawing attention to myself was (and still is) uncomfortable.  There were many things I wanted to do but chose not to because of how I thought I was supposed to act in my life roles.   Sure, I joked around and did fun things but I limited myself in several ways.  

In honor of Dr. Suess, I stepped out of my comfort zone today.  For years, I wanted to do something fun with my hair color and style.  While I was in the Army Reserve, I couldn’t have a “different” hairstyle due to regulations regarding personal appearance.  It seemed like too much change after I was retired.  It was an uncomfortable risk and a break from what was “correct.”  So, today, I stepped out and did something fun and different.  I’m glad I did.

I challenge you to do the same- do something fun and outside your normal routine.  


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