The Life planned

We all make plans and have dreams for the future.  They usually don’t happen.  Some changes are life altering while others are different opportunities that unfold as life progresses.  At times they’re in between the two extremes .

It’s unrealistic to expect life to unfold smoothly and as we planned.  Life is changes. The future is unknown.

It is difficult to let go of the life we planned.  There is so much energy, emotion, and time invested.  

I loved my career.  My plan was to work professionally until retirement.  I planned to keep playing music and to qualify for Marathon Maniacs, run an ultra, and perhaps run a triathlon.  That changed as well.  I’m having a hard time accepting these changes.

There is life waiting.  If  I refuse to embrace it because of attachment to the future I wanted, I miss out on the chance to live as fully as possible.  It may be different.  I lost many things, but they’re  are  other opportunities that I need to explore and be open to find.  


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