Sad Day

DIP KaliyahThe choice to send a beloved fur child to Rainbow Bridge is a difficult decision. It is but wrenching. I made that choice for Kaliyah today .

She was an independent,curious, and adventurous soul. Kaliyah was always a bit of a solo ferret whose main enjoyments were exploring, stealing, and stashing. She enjoyed good cuddle, play, and grooming sessions with other ferrets and Cat Brighid.

The cage is empty now. All my ferrets wait at Rainbow Bridge. 

It is strangely quiet. No thumping as a ferret leaps from a hammock and engages in a good scratching session in the cage; no scrabble of ferret paws on the floor; no more chasing a ferret that just stole my running socks-again. I have always had a ferret-or two,or three, or five- since 1999. Now the cage is empty, silent, forlorn.  
The right choice are always the hardest. I’m relieved Kaliyah is no longer sick and in pain. When she perked up a bit at the veterinary clinic, there was a part of me that wondered if it was the right choice. I wanted to take her home so much. But I knew her body was done. 

fly high. at the Bridge


Eyes shine

Ferret dances and

Dooks while chasing toys

Then through a forbidden door

Left open beckoning exploration

Found the socks

Hidden safely



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