A Change of Post

I wrote about my meditation this morning in my recovery journal.  I usually share my thoughts in this blog.  Not today.

Today I need to talk about a passion in my life: ferrets. I love ferrets.  I’ve had them since 1999. I was blessed with nine wonderful  little lives:

Merlynn, Jester, Zahn, Druid, Lady Tosca, Koda Bear, Talisein, Bobby, and Kaliyah.

I have seven waiting at Rainbow Bridge.  I found out today that my little Kaliyah- my only ferret- has lymphoma.  She will soon join her friends and siblings at Rainbow Bridge.

bobby hanging out

Ferrets have given so much laughter, joys, frustrations, and tears. They shine brightly and burn out too soon.   Jester’s boundless energy and play- that little ferret never held still.  She was always bouncing, hiding, stealing, stashing.  Merlynn was a bit more dignified but was a wonderful thief.  She knew how to use zippers and loved to steal my mom’s wallet out of her purse whenever she visited.  Mom didn’t believe Merlynn could open zippers until she climbed up on a chair, unzipped mom’s purse, took her wallet and started to drag it under the couch.  Mom stared at her, then started laughing.  Koda loved his food.  He learned several tricks.  He also knew zippers.  Each one of my ferrets have a funny memory connected to them.  In most ways, the happiness balances out the sadness when they go to Rainbow Bridge. 

Taliesin shows ferrets can climb

koda bear and kaliyah steals a running shoe

Kaliyah is going to Rainow Bridge soon.  I think I’m taking a break after Kaliyah goes to the Bridge. I love them but I just don’t want to open my home to another one. At least not for a while. 


I’m certain some day in the future another ferret will find a home here.  But, not for a while.  My heart is too sore.


3 responses to “A Change of Post

  1. So sorry to hear about your Kaliyah. I just lost my first ferret, Alfie, to lymphoma in July (he also had insulinoma and adrenal), and I am still in mourning. His love was the most amazing thing I have ever had the honor to experience. I will keep you and Kaliyah in my thoughts.


  2. I have had somewhere along the lines of nine, lets see if I can name them in order: Snickers, Missy, Milkshake, Rosie, JuJu, Max, (all passed, as for the remaining little hooligans) Manny, Sid, Harley, Ollie, Falcor, Bink, and finally, Gaston. Two are mine, and the rest are my mom and my sisters. They all live in the same room, over the garage, and have free run during the day. Every single one has their own unique personality, their own preferences and quirks, and I’ve just started my own blog about the little goofs. They’re wonderful little messes, and the world is a brighter place with them in it


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