Daily Relfection

“When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways-either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.” Dalai Lama 

Tragedies are defined by someone’s experiences and view points.  What is tragic for one won’t be for another.  Like PTSD, people can experience the same stressor but respond differently.  

My injury was a tragedy for me.  My life changed totally and I have problems I never thought I’d have.  I see myself in both parts of the quote.  I lose hope- too often.  I want to give up.  Nothing matters.  I self destruct with suicidal thoughts, withdrawal, dietary changes.  In many ways, my activity becomes dangerous- running at two in the morning, not taking rest days.  Yet, my activity also is a big part of coping.  

Depression tips the scales.  When that monster jumps on my back, I spiral into hopelessness and negativity. 

People can’t choose not to be depressed.  It is a journey of healing.  Some people go on to recover over time- others will struggle for life.  Many times people improve but have episodes of depression that returns.  I don’t choose to be depressed.  This is another challenge.  

Ok, Universe, I’m challenged enough!  Knock it off already!

I choose to find inner strength.  It’s a daily action: a conscious choice.  And it’s a climb up the side of a mountain.  I fall.  I slide down the mountain.   At times, I lay on my face, not moving at all. The clouds of depression and despair roll over me. Eventually,  I manage to continue the climb- sometimes I crawl for a distance, other times, I get to my feet.  

Other times, it’s a brief trip and fall and I get up immediately.

We still can choose to stay in despair or try to find the inner strength to meet the challenges.  

What do you choose? 


One response to “Daily Relfection

  1. An inspiring entry! I think you’re right. We all possess some extent of inner strength-its just a matter of finding it even the most darkest of times! I also like how holistic you are with your approach to mental illness. It’s a complex problem that there is not one universal answer to.

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