For Consideration- Quote of the Day 9/2/16

Depression, anxiety, and PTSD all have a common thread: issues with how you think. These are examples of  thoughts: a skewed vision of how you see the world, how you interactive with the world, unrealistic expectations, negative self image, self blame, constant worry.  There are others.  They make for an insane inner choir.  

The mind is everything. What you think you become.  ~~~ Buddha

 These thoughts define our world.  That’s a big part of CBT, looking at inaccurate thoughts, how they impact us, how to change them, and how we act.  We are encouraged to be in the world, interacting, trying to find something we enjoy and/ or gives meaning.

It is so difficult to change how we think.  Thought ruts.  We’re stuck in them.  They are our reality.

Personally, I view myself as a completely worthless piece of shit.  Would anyone even notice if I was gone?  I have nothing left to give.  Of course, these messages sent by that insane choir impacts how I define myself and the world.  No wonder I struggle with depression.  “I’m not safe.  I can’t protect myself.  People can and will hurt me.  It was my fault anyway.”  The craziness of PTSD and anxiety.  The thoughts feed them.

Thoughts impact the physical body.  The body impacts the thoughts.  They both influence actions. Isolating ,dealing with constant fear, hypervigilence, not trusting. Not wanting to do anything at all. 

So, who am I really?  Did I really become all that because I believe it to be true?  Can I really see who I am differently?  I suppose that last is possible.  What happened to me changed my identity and how I view myself.  It was different once.  I’m not sure I’ll get there again.



One response to “For Consideration- Quote of the Day 9/2/16

  1. I wish i could give you peace of mind (you don’t have to love yourself, only to accept that you have a right to be here and you are doing your best) but i don’t know where to start.
    Your writing is always smart (except when putting yourself down), wise and full of heart, I hope that soon the PTSD lifts and the insane choir shuts the hell up.


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