Neuroplasticity and Recovery 

It has been long believed that the brain cannot heal from brain damage.  The first six months indicate all the healing that will happen.  This isn’t true.  The brain continues to heal through neuroplasticity.  This is an excellent article that explains what it is and how it happens.  This process will also improve the function of a “normal” brain.


7 responses to “Neuroplasticity and Recovery 

  1. I was always told it was ten years, but I agree there’s no real time limit. I believe that damage may stop healing up, but we can always work and train the brain, plus learn how to use it properly, and that never has to stop.


    • Initially I was told 6 months. The neurologist told me 5 years, five or take. The brain injury specialist told me… “Don’t worry about how long it’s been. Keep moving forward.”

      I suppose I should have mentioned that in the blog. I was really tired this morning.


      • No, it was an interesting blog and you got your point across well I was just throwing in my own two penneth 🙂 I like how there are many different answers, but no one properly knows.
        I hope you got some rest and feel better today 🙂


      • There’s a lot of different information out there because we don’t really understand the brain. Every brain injury is different. But it’s also so misunderstood.

        I keep getting told “you really don’t have issues with the brain injury.”

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      • Absolutely agree with you, I was really shocked by how little any neuroscientist seemed to know – especially when it came to the actual experience of those with BI.
        What do you mean, they told you you don’t have issues, did they say it was a different problem? Or did they keep ignoring symptoms you had? Either way, I found that too. Very frustrating and scary.


      • Ah, well either way, I hope you’re getting the help you need now, or at least have the understanding you need to help yourself. Wishing you a peaceful day/night.


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