I got caught in my

brain today. Who am I now

Different life to live

It’s strange how we change over time. We have experiences both good and bad.  Do they change who we are or just our views of life?

Sometimes I feel like a totally different person now.  My brain works differently.  I see myself in terms of before and after.  Personalities can change after brain injury.  Then there’s the whole thing about actual changes in how the brain works.  For example, sensory overload.  That’s physical.  Is hating change and being inflexible a personality change or trying to control for safety and function?  Is being angry grieving?

It’s just strange to feel like I’m a stranger in my own skin.  I guess it doesn’t matter why.  It just is.  But, I really don’t like who I am now.

Stuck in my mind tonight.  Scary place to be.   Fun timeS.


2 responses to “Caught

  1. This post really affected me. You describe so well sensations that I mostly don’t feel anymore, but remember with shock. I know what it is to be lost inside your own mind and to feel that you are a stranger there. I remember the self-disgust of losing control and acting like an arsehole.
    It takes time, and it may not feel possible now, but you will find peace, with time the anger will lessen and you will find ways to control it. And you will discover yourself again.
    Wishing you calm and hope.

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