Something a Bit Different

I’m either a bit early or a bit late.  But why is Thanksgivng only once a year?

Everyday we have things happen to be thankful for: small and large.  They only too often go unnoticed until they’re lost or something changes.  

Right now, I am being blessed by listening to a thunderstorm, watching lightening, hearing the wind blowing and the rain smacking into the windows.  It’s  a beautiful and powerful reminder of the awe of nature.  It connects me back to the elements and reminds me that we are a small part of the Universe but still created with a purpose.  

There is another side of storms.  In their power, they can bring harm and destruction, even death.  There is still a place to be thankful.  People come together and help rebuild what was lost.  People’s strength and determination are harnessed.  Life is never the same after a major storm.  But, it continues- with new reasons to be thankful.

We face storms of a different sort in life. They bring changes small and large, yet they are not always “bad.”  Sometimes, they’re an opportunity to grow or experience something new.  Other times, they leave devastation.  How do we rebuild lives after a storm?  My spiritual Path teaches that we have soul lessons to learn.  What happens is for a purpose, even if we don’t understand.  What are my lessons in all that has happened to me- all the problems and lingering difficulties with TBI?  I suppose this is the spiritual version of “why me?”  (There are many lessons and paths.  We still have free will.  Our decisions and actions impact the outcomes and how life unfolds.  There are always some lesson.)

I am thankful for the friends who have stood beside me, family who have helped, the doctors who care and try to help.  I still run, I have Brigid and Kaliyah, I have a place to live and food to eat.  It is well enough.


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