Slow Down!

Spring is in full glory here.  I noticed today all the blooming trees, flowers, the gentle breeze bring the smell of new life.  Down the street, there are baby goats out playing. It’s funny how I had seen it was spring but not noticed until today.

It’s so easy to live life at a sprint.  We miss so  any experiences because we are in a hurry.  Today, I went for a run.  I had nothing scheduled for later but I felt like I had to rush and get done.  Ironically, I live in a hurry. Usually there is no reason for me to be that hung up on time.  This happens in part because I have a lot of structure built into life.  When I feel that going “off” I get anxious and rush. 

Today I noticed my run.  The blue sky, the road, the greening fields, the snow cap on the Blues.  I heard my footfalls and felt my feet striking ground. There is a sound it makes, a rhythm.  I felt my heartbeat and listened to my breathing.  It was a run of mindfulness but I didn’t have to keep brining my wandering mind back.   

I had taken spring for granted this year.  I almost missed the transition from winter to summer.  It is a time of growth where the earth is nurtured and blessed for new creations. Not all of the growth is physical.  It is a time of spiritual, emotional, and mental growth as well.  Here, the Maiden blesses us.  We just have to watch, listen, and be open.

It was a peaceful day.  And it now draws to a close with Kaliyah playing- sadly I just lost another running sock, sacrificed at the altar of Ferret Chaos.  Brigid sits at my shoulder, watching me write and purring.  These are small things but very rewarding.

Slow down, notice, and enjoy.



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