Odd Friends

Odd friends together

Meals shared from same bowl eating 

Cat and ferret sleep

Brigid and Kaliyah have an interesting relationship. They ignore each other at times like they have no interest in interacting. Other times, they eat from the same bowl peacefully.  Or Kaliyah jumps on Brigid’s back, starting a game of chase where they take turns being “it.”  Kaliyah knows that Brigid can’t fit under the couch or behind the refrigerator and/ or shelving.  She heads to those areas.  I swear that I hear her Dooking in laughter when Brigid runs into something.  

In the picture, the two just woke up from a nap.  Their rude human came in.  They know when a camera is involved.

Watching them together is a lesson in accepting others who are different.  While they pretend not to like each other,their actions together speaks to a friendship.  People can find friends in places and in others that they would never expect.  Accept what you share and also your differences.

Sometimes, you have to work effectively with people who are different from you and you don’t like personally.  It’s a matter of respect in order to be effective.  At the nest, you learn from each other and use the differences to succeed.

I don’t write a out politics in my blog.  But I have been so upset about the current Presidential race. Seeing all the open hatred and fear in this country is frightening.  People try to force their religions’ morality on others through laws.  The recent laws passed for “religious freedom” that target the freedoms and welfare of LGBT people are an example.  Two recent laws illustrate this: one allows businesses to refuse services if it “violates their reliligous beliefs.”  This is a thinly disguised law allowing bigotry.  This law also includes mental health professionals.  There are constant attacks on marriage equality.  A dangerous law requires transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate.  Just based out of fear and ignorance.  

People support Trump who openly encourages fear and hatred of “different.”  His speeches have insulted disabled, women, minorities, Muslims.  And yet people support him because he “tells it like it is.”  He can make America great hate again.

If only people were more like Brigid and Kaliyah.  He world would be a different place.


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