Seeking Control

It is so easy to get wrapped around the axle over worries and fears.  It’s been a brutal couple of weeks for me.  I feel trapped in the circumstances of life.  I have no real control of where my life goes.

Truth is, none of us have control over life.  This is contrary to what we have been taught by society to believe.  Act a certain way, believe a certain thing and you will get the results you want. It doesn’t work this way.  Other things are involved in what happens.

Here’s an example of that concept.  My intent was to drive back from the sattelte clinic.  Then I planned to complete my normal evening routine.  I got in the car and started down the road home.  It didn’t go as planned.  I had the life changing accident.  Definitely not something I’d choose if I had control.  The outside force of weather took control.

This doesn’t mean that you throw up your hands and give up on goals.  Definitely set goals and move toward them.  Live life.  But the direction of your life can change  even if that isn’t your choice.  You adapt to the new direction.  Sometimes, you get to the goal through a detour.  Othertimes, you never make it.   You have to set new goals.  Let go.  Really.  Let the past go.

This certainly isn’t an easy concept.   It is frightening to understand that we can’t control our lives.  We can make decisions and take actions. But we can’t control the outcomes.

It gets harder when you have little or no input.

It seems that in reality we really have no control over anything.  Life just happens.  Live with it.


2 responses to “Seeking Control

  1. Good entry there! “life changing accident”… Brain injury sure does change a person’s life. Depending on the degree of it, and the immediate reactions, the life changes can be tremendous or subtle. But even those that are subtle, are not easy. The wonderful thing about life is that the human body and its’ ability to recover is totally amazing! With patience and with determination, with going slow and hard work, amazing things happen in a person’s life. I agree, we don’t have control over anything. But for me, now, after the fact, I realize I have control of some things, though not all things. I have control over some of the choices that I make each day. And each day, when I remember, I try my best to make good choices for my health, and for my life. Nice blog you have here.


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