Letter to Bobby

Dear Bobby,

Today came  way too soon.   But, it was time.

I will remember you chasing after your remote control car.  I’d drive it in a circle and you’d chase it around and around.  You really loved  to chase it across the room.  I generally ran it into some piece of furniture or another or run it into you.  It didn’t matter; as long as you had the chance to capture it.

you loved those crochet eggs.  One time, you got into the box where I stored them.  You had every single egg out of the box and hidden somewhere around the room, in several different stash spots.  I guess I put the eggs all in one box?  Kaliyah would grab an egg and take it to her stash spot.  You’d chase after her, just to get the egg.

I missed you today.  You weren’t on the feeding mat, looking up at me, waiting for your dinner.  Just Kaliyah stood there, looking puzzled.  She looked for you tonight.  All your sleep and stash spots, in the carrier, double checked the cage.  My sweatshirt was on the ground.  She smelled you on it and sniffed hard, then climbed thorough the shirt.  She so wanted to find you.  The house feels different.  I looked for you in the cage when I got Kaliyah out to play.  I fixed your soupie with your medication before I remembered.

You were a special little one.  You had such a hard start.  The first I knew of you was by a Facebook post by a ferret rescue.  She told the story of you being found in a vacant lot with a dislocated shoulder and broken leg.  You had three surgeries and had the leg pinned.  When you were ready, I was  the lucky human to be your forever home.  Just seeing your attitude encourages me to keep going. You went through so much pain.  Yet, you loved.  You ran.  You played.  You made yourself a home.  You rolled with the changes.

i know you’re at Rainbow Bridge tonight.  The tumor is gone, your leg is whole, you’re healthy and happy.  No more pain. No more nausea.  No more dragging a large belly full of tumor.  Have fun, little man.  You have so many new playmates. Go play, run, war dance.  Be a happy little ferret again.  You are welcome to visit as you wish.

We will see each other again.  And go together over the Rainbow Bridge.

Bobby Ferret   (2011-2/17/2016 )



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