Meditation for Feb 16 

The randomly selected quote from the Buddha app thins morning:

So, what is truth?  My initial thought centered around finding spiritual (or religious) truth finding your Path.  But, the Parh is different for everyone.  People have their own beliefs and even within the same religious groups, there are people who don’t adhere to all of the teachings. One example: my parents both belong to Christain churches that teach against marriage equality and that homosexuality is a choice.  My parents disagree.  Their truth is different from their churches’.

I find Wicca a rewarding spritual path.  There are many concepts that I regard as truth.  However, other Wiccans may understand the concepts differently.  Or may not even believe in the concept at all.  Who’s “right?”   There are many different religions in the world.  People believe as they do.  There are also atheists. And other pagan spiritualities.  What is truth? Maybe all of them or maybe none.

What about politics? (Oh,snap! Politics and religion in the same post! Trouble.). People hold to their positions tightly.  Which is true?  Personally, I think politicians lie, so much of it isn’t true.  However, people think their point of view,is true and correct.  I fell into the trap during meditation of thinking that the conservative Republicsns need to search for truth.  Truth, of course, being liberal like me.  I don’t have the inner road to full knowledge and truth.  The Republicans honestly believe in what their leaders tell them.  It becomes their truth.

People can be misled about truth- assuming there is such a thing- or is it all relative?  If you’re led to believe in things that bring harm to yourself or others, that is not the truth at all. Higher truth does not lead to harm.  I thought about division.  Does truth divide us from each other?  It depends.  Can we accept other people’s truth might be different and honor them even if we don’t agree?  How do we go about things like government without stepping on someone else’s truths?  Religions is actually a bit easier.  Believe what you want but harm none.


Truth isn’t in books, in the teachings or a religion, or in politics.  The truth is different for everyone- it’s,an individual set of beliefs or code of,ethics.

Of course, this doesn’t mean people can break laws or harm others.  There are some things all people in society need to agree to follow.  Otherwise, it’s chaos and people, animals, the world gets hurt.  “An it harm none, do as thy will.”

Next: not starting on the road or not going all the way.   There is no real finish line when it comes to the road to truth.  The journey of,figuring out your truth and how it fits in is ongoing.  There is always more to discover and understand about even your closest held truth.  Maybe you’ll find out that it needs to change.  Maybe be enacted differently?

Starting on the road is asking questions about what your truth is.  For example, do you believe something just because someone else told or taught you that it is true?  Have you ever thought about it yourself?  Starting on the road is a willingness to ask questions and to really struggle with answers.  Maybe it’s just becoming comfortable that truth might not be what is expected.

To me, the truth boils down to  two concepts: love and respect each other, the world, and nature and “an it harm none, do as thy will.”



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