Word of the Day Three

stillness: devoid of motion or activity. Uttering no sound. Free from noise or turbulence.

We are people of action.  If there’s a problem: fix it.  Keep moving, keeping going.  There is always noise in the background.  Radios, TVs, traffic.  People always have their headphones on, or texting, or on the web.  Work, travel, family, watch TV. We are constantly stimulated.  I noticed that people cannot run or walk without music.  Go to a campground and there’s music.  The world moves fast and it’s damn noisy. Who has time for stillness?

I was reminded today that taking the time to be still and stay in the moment is quite rewarding. I listened to a rainstorm, the sound of rain hitting the roof, road, and sidewalks.  Hearing the wind blowing and the windchimes ringing.  And the pitter  patter of little ferret feets and Kaliyah goes about her very important ferret business.  There’s no TV or radio; just the sound of the rain.  Opening the door, after I pick up the ferret trying to get outside, I smell the scent of rain and feel the wetness.  The ferret wants to go back inside. Too wet for her.

It’s moments of stillness like today that allows the mind to rest.  And at least for some brief moments, the constant mind charter is quietened.  Or at least dropped to a whisper. In stillness, of both mind and surroundings, it is easier to reach a spiritual center, or at least a feeling of peace.

In stillness you can find wisdom.  Direction.  Understanding. 

In this moment of stillness, my mind quiets for just a while, and I can just be.  No labels no self judgement. I connect with my spiritual center and connect, however briefly, with guidance and a connection to all that is Created and Creator.

Sadly, I have to return to the world of chaos, movement, and noise- both external and internal.  Holding stillness inside is like a squirming ferret.  It’s always moving and requires constant attention to prevent it from escaping.  It’s not still… my mind starts chattering again.

It will be a sign of healing when I can find stillness wherever I am.


Find the stillness within yourself. 



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