Meditation One

I decided that trying meditation every day, even for a few minutes, might be helpful. If I lose focus I return to the meditation.  The idea is not to be angry or frustrated with myself. For ideas I use an app that displays individual quotes from Buddha.   Today’s quote was “The foot feels the foot what it feels the ground.”

Say what?

To me, this means do not take anything for granted.   If you lift a foot off the ground, it is still there- attached to you body.  Even if there is nothing touching the foot at all.  But, are we aware of the foot if there is no pain, touch, temperature, or movement that engages some nerves?  When I lift my foot off the ground, I’m not really aware of it unless I concentrate on feeling it.  It’s still there.

We become more aware of the foot when we have it on the ground, even if it’s just sitting down.  We feel the ground/ floor.  But, we generally “tune it out” because it’s normal for us.  We do this every day.

When we walk or run, we feel the foot striking the ground.  This is definitely more noticiable.  But, again, we never really think about it.  We miss the beauty of the mechanics of the foot’s working to propel us forward.  We tune it out.  The foot gets noticed when something changes, such as pain.

Feeling the ground.  People who walk or run barefoot are more aware of the ground and their feet.  They are intune with the feel of the foot on the ground. This is noticiable.  This is when people understand the foot and are aware of it as part of our bodies.

The foot feeling the foot is an awareness of what is there. How many times do we walk past a familiar object (like a picture) and not notice it’s there?  Do we notice our friends and family or take them for granted?  Don’t take things for granted.  Notice.



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