A Reason?

I believe in reincarnation.  One of the concepts is that we have ongoing spiritual development through the spirit realm and reincarnation.  But, we get to choose what we learn to develop our souls.  In a way, we know at a spiritual level what types of lessons we will learn because we choose with guidance from Guides and other more developed souls. I think it’s an outline.  What happens is not written in stone. But lessons will continue in some form until we learn what we are supposed to. It’s not about being perfect.  It’s about development.

We are held a accountable for our choices and actions in this realm.  They become part of our learning in the spirit realm.  We have a life review.  A common question is “Where’s the accountability?”  That’s part of the review.  If a soul is unwilling to accept the mistakes and actions to grow, then the energy is cleansed and goes back to the Creator.  Nothing ends.  The energy remains and a new souls will come about.


What reason did I have to choose this brain injury?  The depression.  PTSD and violence?  What is the lessons?  I have the impression one lesson is we are part of a larger purpose and “family.”  We can’t do it all alone.  I was independent, rarely asking for help before.  I’d deal with it and solve the problem myself.  Perhaps this is one lesson: to accept help and be part of a community.

I still have unfinished business.  I didn’t deploy with my unit.  Maybe this what part of what I supposed to learn.  If so, I have no idea of the lesson.

I must still have a lesson- a reason to be here.  Otherwise, the accident would have killed me.  What is it?  What’s my next part of life?





2 responses to “A Reason?

  1. It is so nice to read your blog and identify with someone else going through the same struggles. I always figured their must be a reason as well, yet its so difficult to watch your abilities slip from your hands while struggling through the pain. Relying on others has been one of the hardest things to allow, I love the idea of community you have. My english professor told me there is always a gift after such a struggle, I’m still not sure what that “gift” is either….my right arm/hand is numb as I write this! But I am positive there has to be something for us.

    Thank you for your service! I hope you find whats next in life soon ❤


    • Maybe people learn from us? What we have to go through to get “easy” stuff done? I know I helped someone with having patience today. I couldn’t count out $2.26 to pay in change. The clerk is cool. She’s known me a while so will gently help. The person behind was tapping her foot.

      It is hard to accept without feeling bad about myself.

      Thanks for the comment.

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