I have always been an introvert.  This doesn’t mean that I  avoid people or totally hate social gatherings work. I still had/ have friends.  An introvert tends to have few close friends. Those friendships are “deep and close”. They find one or two people to interact with at a party.  They tend to take a few seconds before jumping into a conversation and perhaps sees another angle on a situation. An introvert needs some time alone to be healthy.  They get their “energy” within themselves. 

Extroverts are different. They interact with more people in a social setting.  They tend may have more friends / social contexts but have fewer “deeper” friendships. They tend to speak up faster , often interrupting someone else and tend to speak without fully thinking things through.   It’s hard for me to describe an extrovert because it is so different from who I am. They get their energy from other people and tend to not like being alone. 

Neither being and introvert or extrovert is wrong.  They’re just different from each other.  The best team is a balance between the two types.  Each bring something to the table. Slow down and listen.

I became more of an introvert after I got hurt. My comfort zone is much more narrow: including things like new settings too many people. I don’t do well with changes. My comfort zone is what I know. New things set me into anxiety. Being alone, having control over my surroundings, knowing the people around me- it’s no longer a true preference, it’s survival.

At least it’s not something different for me.


2 responses to “Introversion

  1. For quite some times I believed there was something wrong with me for being an introvert. Now, as an adult, I accept it and nourish it. I love being an introvert. This article was well written. It hit home 😉


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