I had to complete a long run on the track last week due to weather conditions.  Tracks are redundant.  It’s the same thing, same scenery.  Little ever changes.

The direction you run on a track is the inside lane of the track is the lane on the far left.  You run clockwise.  It’s the way in competitive track events.  It makes sense.  It keeps runners from crashing into each other, exactly why we have lanes on roads. Last week, I was alone on the track.  I ran the opposite direction every other lap.  

An interesting thing happened. It was the same scenery both ways.  However, it looked different coming from the opposite directions.  There were different details and angles when I ran in the other direction.

It’s all a matter of perspective.  Same track.  Same scenery.  But it was also different when you ran the other way.  There’s life lesson in that.  Look for the different angles in life.  It’s surprising what you find.


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