A friend kept her daughter from watching a commercial regarding animal abuse to prevent her feelings getting hurt.

Ella’s response is full of wisdom.  You can get hurt by caring.  You can get your heart broken.  But, if we don’t care, we miss out on so much.  And we retreat into out our own fortress.  The people who need compassion or help are ignored.  Because someone doesn’t care.  That callousness can’t be fixed.  A person with no empathy at all will never truly care about anything except my be themselves.

Ella doesn’t know about sociopaths.  I hope she never does.  Her heart is full, wanting just to help others.  She will learn how to be sensitive while keeping herself emotionally and physically safe.  It’s a sad world that this has to be a concern.

Be open like an 8 year old child.  Be willing to care, even if you get hurt.


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