What I am Thankful For

Many of my posts lately have focused on how crappy my life is right now and how hard I struggle for even basic things.  I decided on the day after Thanksgiving to write about thankfulness.

1. Although there are times that I want to just give up; I’m thankful to still be alive.

2. I have family and friends.  They try to support me even though they don’t fully understand.

3. My cat Brigid.  She is a healer is her own right.  She knows how to best comfort and help me.

4. The ferrets are hilarious.  They still bring me happiness.

5.  Being healthy enough to be physically active a bit.

6. I can walk without a walker or cane.



7. Nature; for its beauty and peace, for the earth that provides is what we need to live.  Even in its violence, it is powerful and beautiful.  Incredible. 
8. For my spiritual connection and beliefs. 

9. All my basic needs are met; food, warmth, water, shelter.  I have more than my basic needs.

10. I usually have hope things can get better 


Iz  Kaliyah. Dis iz my brudder, Bobby. We hasz fankfuls.

1. Warm hammocks

2. Warm speep sacks

3. Fud

4. Watur 

5. Brigid, she’s fun to play wif.

6. Da hooman feeds uz, an water, an cleans our cage.

7. Each ovver.  Except Bobby hogz da fud.                                                      Kaliyah kicks me outt bed.

  (Hiss and wrestle fight breaks out)


I am Brigid.  I am the cat. Granddaughter of Bast. 

My human worships me accordingly.  




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