Sometimes it’s Close

I have been a fan of the Seattle Seahawks for years.  I was thrilled when they won the Super Bowl.  The season isn’t going well this year.  The team often comes close to winning a game, only to lose it by a few points.  Usually scored in the fourth quarter. (Hey, Defense! Four quarters, not three!).  In the game against the Cardinals, the quarterback (Russel Wilson) ran into one of his own players, causing a touch back.  The team just isn’t clicking.


Kaliyah is a 12!

The way the Seahwaks are playing this year is much like life.  In so many ways, we often get so close to a goal, just to miss by inches.  The question becomes, how do we adapt the game?  

I back the Seahawks but wish they were playing much better.  Do we back friends and family when they’re  in a losing season?  How do we handle it?

Losing is a theme right now for me.  I look back over the past four years and just see so many lost dreams.. So many things are gone.  It’s damn depressing.  

I’m so freaking pissed off.  

I wonder what I would have done differently in that last marathon had I known it would be my last?  I ran but so focused I missed the scenery.  How much of my life did I miss?


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