Who are You?

Who are you?  Are you what you do, who your family is, what you believe? What happens if all that changes?

My life as I expected it, changed in a matter of a second.  I had achieved my major life goal: I had a clinical license, practiced at a VA, and was commissioned in the Army Reserve.  I was happy.

One second, a patch of ice, a car flipped down a hill and struck a tree.  The result, a life changing brain injury.  All that above is gone.  Well, I still have a license but am not in practice.

What I believe spiritually fluxes.  For the most part, I remain a pagan/Wiccan but I don’t do the celebrations any more.  Formal practice requires having a ceremony either  I wrote myself or found in a good book and adapted.  It also requires being able to remember things.  Mostly, I meditate now and read some.  There are times that I wonder what is the next life?  Am I wrong and the Christian God is “punishing” me for practicing another spiritual path? Is there even something more? 

So, who am I?   Who would you be if everything changed?


Searching for meaning

I wander lost and confused

I’m not who I was


One response to “Who are You?

  1. I feel your pain. I’m not Wiccan, but I also have trouble with spirituality, for a few different reason, a TBI among them. I lost my way a long time again, and ended up finding my own form of faith, but I’ve lost it again since the TBI. Keep doing what you’re doing. It may help you to find your faith in your particular religion again. Or it may just be time to move on to something else that works better for you.


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