Summer Running

running woman

Runners often workout in less than optimum conditions. Summer running provides it’s own challenges.

1. Wildlife.
A. My workout Monday called for sets of three minute hard intervals ran just under full effort (full sprint), followed by a set of 6 core and upper body resistance exercises. Repeat 3 times.
The first two sets went well. On the run starting the third set, I had a less than pleasant wildlife encounter. I was stung three times by wasps or bees; two stings to the upper left arm. However, one wasp flew up my shorts and stung me on my left butt cheek. That hurt. Here I was, shaking my left leg, jumping up and down, and reaching my hand up my shorts to shoo away the offending insect and remove any stinger. It must have looked interesting. I am relieved there was no one to catch it on video. Being a hard charger, I finished my sprint, got home, took some Benadryl and completed the workout. Runners are crazy.

B. Snakes. In the world of running, any stick is a snake until proven otherwise. This summer, I ran a gravel path around a lake. Part way, I heard a hissing rattle. I looked forward and saw a rattlesnake pulling back into strike position. I never stopped so fast in my life. I slowly backed away and watched in relief while the snake disappeared into the grasses off the trail. I crossed on the far opposite side of the trail from the snake. My heartbeat didn’t slow down for another mile. I love adrenaline.

C. Possums. They’re ugly but tend to leave people alone. Still, having one hiss at you is a rather startling experience.

D. Skunks… Oh, crap. Fortunately, it wasn’t interested in me and just went into the downed tree limbs.

E. Ferrets. Well, they’re not wildlife but they are involved in anything and everything in the house that looks interesting. It’s hard to do pushups with a ferret climbing up your arm- or into your shorts/ pants.

Watching someone run in the summer heat generally brings questions to people’s minds. The primary one being “why.” Runners often ask themselves the same question. What goes through a runner’s mind during summer workouts?
1. Man, it is freaking hot.
2. Do I have enough water?
3. Crap, it’s hot
4. Why do I run anyway?
5. My socks are wet and I’m getting a blister- My shoes are squishing
6. Damn, it’s hot
7. My Garmin must be broken. It says I’ve only run two miles.
8. Only 5 more miles to go. Crap.
9. My shorts are wet. Must look like I peed myself.
10. Keep going… Only 4.5 miles left.
11. Really it’s time for a surge again?
12. I want a beer.
13. Make that two.
14. Just run to that tree… that stop sign…. that telephone pole, etc
15. I need more water.
16. Am I leaving drops of sweat on the sidewalk?
17. Yup I am.
18. I hate running
19. I will never run in the summer again- or at all.
20. I hate running.
21. 2 miles left.. thank heavens.
22. Damn, I need to poop
23. Yes! Endorphins!
24. I love running- endorphins
25. I’m tired.
26. I’m done- I have to find the toilet- NOW!
27. There’s not enough pickle juice to fix this. Pickle juice tastes weird.
28. I feel beat. Maybe I’ll take tomorrow off.
29.. Ten minutes later… I LOVE running! How far am I going to run tomorrow?

Yes. Runners are crazy.



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