The Importance of Rescue

The Importance of Rescue

My name is Bobby. Just over three years ago I got hurt and dumped in a field. Mommy told me that my leg was broken in two places and my shoulder dislocated. I don’t remember how I got hurt. I was in pain and scared until someone took me to Ferret Haven. (Spokane, WA) Paula Woodland​ is the rescue mom and runs all of it with volunteers.

I was taken to a ferret doctor who operated and fixed my leg and shoulder. I wasn’t very good at holding still so the pins moved. I had to get another surgery!

A nice lady, Susan, took me in her home and took care of me until I healed. I think she’s called a “foster mom.” I wasn’t there long but she was so nice and I still love her.

Ferrer Haven helps many ferrets.  Some of us are hurt or sick. Some were left because their humans didn’t understand what a ferret needs, or they had a baby, or moved. There are a lot more reasons. If we’re lucky, we go to a rescue that helps us find homes or takes care of us until we go to Rainbow Bridge.

I’m one of the lucky ones.  I went to a new home soon after I healed from surgery. I get to play and have a cat-friend (Brigid) and Kaliyah. I really like Kaliyah. She’s a ferret like me. She can be bossy sometimes but mostly we play and cuddle together.  My mommy takes great care of us.

If you want to adopt a ferret, read up about us: what we need, common health problems, expenses and other stuff. Find a good ferret doctor. We’re different from cats and dogs and need an animal doctor that knows about us.  Did you know: we’re obligate carnivores and live 6-10 years.  We need to play out of the cage 2-3 hours a day.

There are many ferrets in rescues throughout the United States and Canada.  We are good ferrets needing a home.  Of you adopt from a rescue, you give someone a second chance at a forever home. The rescue volunteers can help match you to a ferret buddy and answer questions.  Rescues always need volunteers.  If you volunteer, you can learn about ferrets before you bring someone home. And you help many other ferrets!

Bobby Recovering from Surgery

Bobby Recovering from Surgery

Bobby at his New Home

Bobby at his New Home

The American Ferret Association website (  is a good place to start learning about ferrets.  There’s also a list of ferret rescues.  The FaceBook groups Dookerz Ferret Rehoming and Ferrets Dooking is the USA helps connect ferrets in need of homes with a forever home.

This is me.. When I was hurt. And in my home now.

(My mommy helped me write this)


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