Today is Not the Day

Several years ago, I was happily training for marathons and had the goal of an Ultra. I took for granted the health that allowed me to run. I took for granted running. Sometimes, I even whined about my long 18-20 mile training runs. The brain injury showed me never to take your (or family’s) health and life for granted. I have several issues stemming from the injury. It all changed in a second.

I returned to running nine months after the injury. This process has been a combination of frustrating, depressing, and absolutely exhilarating. I can run! It was fun seeing steady improvement over time from my first wog/ slogs after the injury to now. After the injury, I ran a familiar and favorite route. Over many months, I took 9 minutes off my time on the 5.3 mile route. I decided to reset my PR clock to BI and AI (Before Injury and After Injury). Mostly, I now run for the joy of running.

I fought hard to run again. I could not see myself giving up the joy of the road totally- even if it does suck sometimes. One of my clearest memories of early grade school was in first grade. I pestered the playground teacher to “count while I run to that fence and back.” Probably drove them nuts after a while. That was the start of the Idiocy. 😊

I run now because I love it still. It is a reminder and physical demonstration of how hard I fought to heal and how far I have come. I may never run a marathon again but I am on the roads. There is a shirt that says, “There will come a day where I can no longer run. Today is not that day.”



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