Spirituality and TBI


Lately, I am reflecting on my spiritual journey as related to TBI. My memory of the accident is gone with the exception of a couple of images. The strongest memory is of a spiritual experience.

From reading the police report and pictures I know the facts of the accident. My car hit black ice, spun out to left and off the interstate. The vehicle left the interstate, then rolled partially down an embankment, striking a tree.
The only recollection of the accident I have is that split second of “oh shit” as I realized there was no way I was going to recover control. Then, I became aware of an incredible, peaceful Presence in the car with me. I had the comfort of being “told” that no matter what happened, I was going to be fine. I was not afraid, even if I died, I knew it would be as it was meant to be. I was safe.

I am not certain of the exact nature of the Presence. It seemed there was more than one Being with me. My maternal grandfather had visited me in dreams and has been present in times of stress or danger. He was with me then. I also sensed a Power greater than any mortal or Guide. Perhaps this was my Guardian or some other higher being.

I did not experience a tunnel of light or the common near death experience. I don’t think I was near death due to my injury. However, I was at a decision point. This was a possible “exit” from this incarnation. Yet, there was unfinished work.

At times during my recovery, I felt overwhelmed. Emotionally and mentally, I felt I was left in a strange half-life. Much of what I used to value was eventually lost or changed. When I contemplated “finishing” the process of dying by committing suicide, I realized there was a purpose for me being here. If I ended my life, I would dishonor this purpose. Not to mention that I still had ferrets and a cat who depended on my care. It would also greatly hurt my family and friends.


I still seek to understand my purpose in life as related to the ultimate journey of my soul. Life does not end at death: we are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. We incarnate to learn lessons. Throughout lifetimes, we gain wisdom and spiritual growth.

I plan to explore this topic more in future posts. In the meantime, be well and at peace.

Merry Part, until we meet again.


2 responses to “Spirituality and TBI

  1. Lydia,
    First thank you for such a wonderful post. I agree with everything you say with the only exception being about incarnation. As a follower of the Baha’i World Faith I believe that we are already in eternity so there is no need for reincarnation since our soul (whatever form that takes) continues to learn and grow in the next realm and realms to come. No need for “re-dos” on the earth!

    I know we all have celestial protecters. Not everyone is lucky to have the conscious awareness during this earthly sojourn. There is no doubt in my mind that your surviving your accident has purpose for both elevating your own soul, spiritual awareness and helping so many others through your sharing.

    with love always,


    • I think there is growth in afterlife as well. What you say about eternity makes sense. There are different realms. I have a hunch that’s where our Guides and Guardians come from, more or less. They’re older and more wiser souls than their charges. But, they also continue to learn and grow.

      With reincarnation, there are many lessons we can learn having physical bodies. Maybe we miss a lesson or struggle with it, not fully closing that purpose. So, until we “get it,” we come back for the same lesson in different formats.


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