Meeting the Family

Last weekend, Riley and his trainer came to my house so Riley and his new siblings could meet each other. Heidjchdjaka…..

Dis is Kaliyah. I stoled the fingy dat mommy uzes ta rites an stuff. I hidded unda da cowch. I gets ta tell dis storee. Dat day wez exitun. Me an Bobby knewz sumfing wez happunun. Mommy gotz uz owt uf da cage eerly dat mornun. We plazed wif Brigid an me an Bobby chased in da tonnels. We gotted tweats an Brigid chased Bobby and I pounced on her. She ranned and wented up da cat climer thingie. I climed aftur her an she battud me wif her paw…

Den da door ranged. Dere was a new hooman an a big dog. We metz dogs befor. Sum are mean. Ofers like ta snif an play. Dis dog wez nice. He sniffed but he haz big paws. Bobby and me wez scared sumtimes wen his big pawz jumped at us. We hidded unda da couch and wached him. We sniffed noses again. He wez nice. Me and Bobby liked him.

Stupid ferret. I managed to rescue the iPad. Kaliyah, Bobby, and Riley me to each other. I introduced Bobby first. They sniffed and Bobby gave a lick on the nose. His body language was curious, no afraid. When I put him down, he went nose to nose again, then scampered off to play. He basically went about his business, ignoring Riley, except when Riley tried to puppy pounce. Riley showed absolutely no prey drive or aggression. He just thought the ferret was a fascinating new friend to play with. I brought Kaliyah out and introduced her to Riley. She was curious also. The only times the ferrets showed any concern was when Riley pawed them. Big paws, small ferrets. For Riley’s part, it was an exercise in self control, as he is still puppy enough to want to play!

Watching Kaliyah

Meeting Bobby

After the introductions, Riley, his trainer (Krystal), and I went for a walk. Riley was still excited about meeting the ferrets and was not focused on leash manners at first. Even “misbehaving,” he walked without pulling. In a short time, he calmed down and walked like a pro. We practiced on different terrains.

Riley is a fantastic dog and well on the way to becoming an outstanding service dog. Riley was walking calmly next to me when he suddenly decided to walk in front of me and started pacing. Krystal said something about this being different behavior. Within about 5 seconds of Riley doing that, I had a seizure. Krystal told me he immediately braced and watched me. My seizures are partial, focal ones. I lose awareness, my eyes twitch, and I become disoriented when the seizure ends. My balance is off and I can fall.
We decided to return to my house. As we walked up my street, a man was mowing his lawn. Riley repeated his earlier behavior. I had a second seizure. The young dog taught himself to alert to seizures!

When we got home, Krystal and Riley came inside. Riley drank half the water bowl. Thirsty boy. In the interim, Brigid had left her safety perch, hidden on the chairs under the table. She comfortably walked through the house, watching Riley, but unafraid. Riley is familiar with cats and wanted to befriend this cat also. Brigid wasn’t quite ready to meet him up close. However, she is not afraid of him.


Riley and Brigid Watching Each Other

The introductions were successful.

Riley is already functioning as a service dog when he is with me. His training continues, as he needs to learn to perform several more tasks and polish the ones he already knows. He is also only 7 months old and needs more “seasoning” before beginning his career.

If you can donate to his training fund, please help. Share the campaign!

Riley’s Fund


2 responses to “Meeting the Family

    • They really did quite well. I don’t see any major challenges when Riley comes home. Once he gets used to the ferrets and they are no longer new to him, he’ll be much less curious.


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