Update on Riley

It’s been a busy time lately. I am still working to raise funds for my service dog, Riley’s, training.
Big news on Riley! He passed his Canine Good Citizen test. Now that he passed that test and knows 4 tasks, he is ready to start more intensive task training on his remaining tasks I need. He is also allowed public access. Riley and I will now start working on partnership- training together more often.

This morning, Riley, Krysal (his trainer) and I were on KVEWTV morning news. On the way to the studio, we stopped for a caffeine run. This was the first time since I was medically retired that I was awake and working before dawn (4:30 am). I needed that caffeine! Riley accompanied me into the store and performed perfectly.

This time is so exciting! Riley issuing so well in his training and we are already starting to work well together. I’m really looking forward to the day he comes home with me as a fully trained Service Dog.

Here are links to the news story:
part one of Riley on the news

part Two of Riley on the News

I still need help paying for his training. Please donate if you can!
Riley’s Fundraising Page

And please share!

Have a wonderful weekend!



2 responses to “Update on Riley

    • He is doing great. Last week, he performed a few spontaneous blocks in public. And he applied block command in a way he wasn’t trained to do yet. On an outing to a pet friendly store, I was in line to pay for something. Riley’s trainer and I were talking about teaching him to block behind me. Sometimes people just get too close. My friend had driven me, and she started playing around, coming close behind and being “rude.” I gave the block command and pointed behind me. I didn’t expect Riley to do it, since he wasn’t trained on that yet. He immediately got between me and my friend, then braced. It was awesome.


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