My life moves on without me.
Dreams floating dead in the water.
Who I used to be I am no longer.
And never will be again.
Put the pieces back together.
Try to make them fit but they never -quite- do.
The accident didn’t take but body but it sure as hell took my life.



5 responses to “Reality

  1. Although, I don’t have a concussion at the moment, I have had one in the past. Luckily, I did recover from that, but I now suffer on a daily basis from all the invisible chronic illnesses that have been bestowed upon me. I understand your poem, I get it, I live it, and I know it sucks. Just know you are not alone. I hope things will one day get better for you. I wish you nothing but the best on your journey. You don’t have to walk it alone. I’m here and I care. Take care.


    • Tammy, it’s really similar, I think. You also have days things just aren’t right. You have to find ways to do things that used to be easier. The symptoms make everything harder and different.


      • You are so right, Lydia. I pray that one day things will be easier for you. It’s really not easy living life this way, I understand. Today, life really sucks for me. I’m terrified because tomorrow morning I have to have a surgery that I’ve had in the past and it almost killed me the first time. I’m really stressed out. Keeping you in my prayers.


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