Broken Arms


Last month I fell on the ice at work and broke my right arm. Oh, what fun casts are to wear! At first, I was annoyed about getting hurt. Then, I realized how lucky I was. My feet slid out from under me and I landed on my back- and wrist. What’s lucky about that? I didn’t hit my head again.

Perhaps I worry too much. Since my last TBI, the specter of another brain injury haunts me. What after affects would my already rattled brain suffer from another injury?

My arm is healing nicely and the cast is soon to come off.


2 responses to “Broken Arms

  1. I agree it is lucky you didn’t hit your head. How can you not be haunted by the specter . . . I would be too.
    When I sprained an ankle and had to wear a boot I got lots of sympathy. I decided I should keep the boot and periodically wear it because my fibromyalgia “don’t get no sympathy” since no one sees it.
    Glad your arm is healing.


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