Remembering to Stop

Running through the day, my life unfocused.
Frustration! Busy-ness! Tears!
Why all this noise in my head?

Nothing changes. Everything is different.
My brain struggles to engage.
Why can’t I think?

I want to quit.
Just give up.
Broken brain.

Be mindful!
Connect to the inner soul.
Fountain of wisdom.
Be at peace.

Today was difficult. I was drawn into busyness and stress of trying to produce what I cannot. I am capable of the work but I don’t multitask well. I struggled to prioritize my projects, feeling all of them were “urgent” and needed completed today. And I was scheduled to see two clients for consultation interviews. The interviews are not difficult, just detailed, and require longer documentation. I fell into a state of frustration and anxiety. I felt that I was hopeless and was not capable of my work anymore.

Scout nudged me and placed his head in my lap. He sensed my anxiety and responded as he was trained. His intervention reminded me to stop! I needed a break and to refocus my energy.

It was a beautiful fall day. I took Scout for a walk on campus. Our walk was a mindfulness exercise. I noticed the yellows, reds, and browns of the fall trees. The sky was a deep blue, with a few white whispy clouds floating peacefully. On the breeze, the scent of leaves and a fire burning. Birds sang fall songs. Squirrels ran about, collecting food for the winter. Calm, peaceful. I noticed my breath. I was breathing shallowly. I took time to connect to my breathing, deeper and slower. In this walk, I connected with my soul, my spiritual self.

After our walk, I was calmer and more focused. I went in, finished my interview notes. Then, I started on preparing the session content for the PTSD group next week.

My day was out of control. Taking the time to stop for a mindfulness break turned it around.

Remember to stop!



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