I made a decision. No longer will fear hold me back. This July I will run the Missoula MT Half Marathon. I am no longer held captive to who I was before. I refuse to view the distorted vision of myself past. I am not that person now. It is time to accept the changes fully. That does not mean I am not able to improve and have goals. But, I no longer have to wear the chains of, “I used to be able to…”

The race is July 14, 2013. In terms of training, I plan a gradual increase of running distance. My goal long run distance for training is 15 miles. While I can train to finish a half marathon without running the 13.1 mile race distance in training, I have two reasons to go longer. The first is to make the race day a bit more enjoyable. I will be in a better level of fitness. It will also be an additional challenge. Secondly, a 15 mile run is a good indicator if I am ready to manage marathon training this year.

My goal for the half marathon is to raise awareness of TBI. I plan to design a shirts for the race, one for me to wear, and others for friends, family, and support people. Returning to running longer races is an important step in my recovery. No pun intended.

Two symptoms that have held me back are my migraines and fatigue. I find myself mentally exhausted at about 2:00 pm. The mental fatigue is more than just “tired.” My brain feels like sludge and does not function. It is much like running in deep, dry sand into a headwind. I also become sensitive to sensory stimulation and more likely to trigger into migraines. However, there is some hope in this area. In October, my neurologist prescribed Topamax to prevent the migraines. Before the medication, I averaged 4-5 migraines a week. I started on 50 mg, twice a day. Interestingly, the sensory overload also improved. My migraines dropped to around 2-3 a week. Last week, my dose was adjusted again. We’re hoping as the migraines are controlled, my energy level will return. The continued improvement of symptoms, such as my migraines, allows me to increase activities. Slowly, improvement comes.

The Walla Walla Marathon is in October. Depending on how the training and half marathon goes, I plan to enter into the full marathon for the first time since my injury. A big step!

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