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Deva.Arts is an extremely talented artist. You can see more of her drawings on her Facebook site:!/Deva.Arts

Today is New Year’s Day. This is the obligatory New Year post- resolutions. Change is difficult. However, I had the Universe decide to place change firmly in the middle of my life with no option to avoid or negotiate the terms. The change is called Traumatic Brain Injury. My accident was just over a year ago. In that year, I learned that change is inevitable. It is how I react to change that matters.

This morning started with Scout and I waking early and heading out to our favorite running spot, Bennington Lake. Following a peaceful run, my friend picked me up to go into TriCities. It is somehow appropriate that I got my survivor tattoo on New Year’s Day. The tattoo reflects hope and recovery. Each element of the tattoo represents part of my journey. The yellow rose represents hope and beauty with the thorns of pain and challenge. Green is the color of brain injury awareness. The celtic triquerta is symbolic of mind, body, spirit and Maiden, Mother, Crone. Finally, the butterfly is rebirth. In a sense, the “old” me died when I had the accident. I am a different person after the TBI. This is both a sad thing and a hopeful thing.

Hope and Recovery

Hope and Recovery

I have a few goals for the new year.
1. Continue to work on letting go of perfectionism. Trying to be perfect is holding back my development as a person and my spiritual development.
2. Run a half marathon.
3. Continue to work with mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness helps me stay in the moment and be more accepting of life.
4. Develop a deeper spiritual connection with the Goddess- work on my spirituality.
5. Play more with my ferrets. Everyone needs ferret fun. Bobby loves to play. I need to spend more time engaging with him. Last night, I saw him dangling from the side of Scout’s mouth. My heart leapt into my mouth. I snapped, “Scout!” He looked up at me with a hangdog expression, “get it off.” Bobby had attached himself to the side of Scout’s mouth and was dangling as Scout walked through the room. Scout was being so careful of the smaller animal that he was not trying to shake him off. I enjoy having the ferrets around. Their energy and antics make life much more enjoyable. I know I pay plenty of attention to them. But, I want to spend more time playing with them.



One response to “New Year- New Goals

  1. I love your tattoo! Your goals are achievable. I’m laughing as I visualize Scout walking around the house with Bobby attached! Sounds like he enjoys playing with the ferrets too! Continue enjoying your dog and ferrets. It’s a pleasure to have your loved animals around … they always appreciate you, accept you for who you are, and just provide unconditional love. Take care and stay safe.


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