Adoption Day! The Story of Bobby.

Bobby’s story started out as a tragedy.  Lost, alone, injured in a field in the middle of a city.  He was only 5 months old or so.  Some kind-hearted citizen found him and contact Ferret Haven of Spokane, a ferret rescue.  Ferret Haven is staffed by dedicated volunteers who love ferrets enough to care for the injured, sick, and unwanted.  They hope to adopt every ferret that qualifies to new forever homes.  Some ferrets are too injured or sick to ever leave Ferret Haven.  Those ferrets are given love, medical care, and support until their time comes to leave for Rainbow Bridge.  Not every ferret who finds him/herself in a rescue is injured or ill.  Sometimes, people just don’t understand the care involved with a ferret.  Once the animal is in their house a while, they realize they can’t/ won’t care for the furry properly.  These little ones, if they’re lucky, end up either in a rescue or their first “owner” finds them a good, new home.

When Bobby arrived at Ferret Haven, Paula (the shelter Mom) and Susan (a very dedicated volunteer), did not know if his injuries could be successfully treated.  He had three fractures on one leg and a dislocated elbow.  VCA Peone Pines was the vet clinic who worked so hard to help heal the little man.  Bobby underwent surgery to pin his broken bones.  Then, a second surgery to fix the pin.  Ferrets do not “hold still” well.   He came through the surgeries with flying colors.  He tolerated being “burrito wrapped” to keep his broken limb still.  And he continued to heal.  He would try to wrestle even while burrito wrapped.  His little mouth and head followed Paula and he gently play nipped her or the toy.

Burrito wrapped Bobby


Just after his first surgery


Bobby healed.  Although happy that he regained his health and was able to be adopted, it was a bittersweet day for the rescue.  Susan fostered Bobby through his surgeries, made sure he ate and his wound was cared for.  The staff at the vet clinic became attached to this brave little ferret.   Today, he went to his forever home.  Bobby joined my family.  I am honored that I was allowed to adopted this special little love.   He is a brave boy but he is also affectionate.  He already gives kisses.

Bobby had a huge adventure today.  On the way home, we stopped twice for breaks.  Each time, Bobby went for short walks in the grass.  He enjoyed sniffing and digging.  When we arrived home, he was introduced to Kaliyah and Tosca, one at a time.  Kaliyah sniffed at him through the carrier door.  The door opened, and the two ferrets sniffed noses, then immediately butts.  They were buddies from the start.  Ironically, Tosca was not as impressed.  I hoped that Tosca would enjoy the company of another ferret, as she lost both her boys this past year to illnesses.  Tosca beat up on Bobby, asserting her dominance.  I think they will be friends in the future, but Bobby has to know “his place” in the business.   All the ferrets got baths, to help them smell similar to each other.

Bobby is so excited.  He explored the entire house, ran through every tube and tunnel, checked out each toy.  He played chase with Kaliyah.  And he met his first cat, Brigid.  Brigid is ok with his presence.  She already figured out he was another “stinky kitten” and someone she can play with and watch run through the tubes.   Watching him play, it is hard to believe that he was so seriously injured.  I have noticed a little limp but he war dances like a pro.

Bobby on adoption day in his new home

Ferret Haven is crowded with ferrets right now, like most rescues.  I encourage anyone considering adding a ferret into the family to adopt from a local rescue.  These ferrets are not “broken” or “mean.”  Many of them are perfectly healthy, happy babies waiting for a new home.  Ferret rescues take time to work on any behavioral issues such as biting prior to adopting.  They can also help “match” a ferret to a home.  You can find a local rescue using an internet search engine.   You will also get support in how to care for your new family member.   Carol and I drove 3 hours one way to get Bobby.   It was worth the trip.

Although the vet donated much of Bobby’s care, the vet bill was still quite expensive.  If you want to help, you can make a donation via PayPal to the rescue:   If you live in the Inland Northwest, please consider volunteering and/or adopting from Ferret Haven.

Bobby is a lucky ferret.  He was found by someone with a good heart.  He then went to a rescue that decided to try to treat his injuries.  He received excellent vet care.  He then was adopted into a forever home where he will be spoiled rotten.  Not every story has a happy ending like his.

Bobby is beat! What a big day!






7 responses to “Adoption Day! The Story of Bobby.

  1. Simply amazing! Bobby has a very strong will! And, Bravo to the vet clinic! It says so much about them! Bobby must have sensed how much everyone who came into contact with him cared for him! I remembered hearing about Bobby early on just after intake. I am glad to hear he has a forever home!


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