Another Thought

In my previous review of True Hauntings; Spirits with a Purpose by Hazel M Denning, I forgot to discuss a concept I found quite intriguing.  The original post is available here:

In discussing several of her cases, Dr. Denning spoke about the concept of humans as spirits with bodies rather than bodies with spirits.  At first glance, the difference is obvious… 2+3=5 and 3+2=5.   Isn’t a body with spirit and a spirit with a body the same?   Being a spirit with a body expresses the continuation of life.   Our spirits live on through lifetimes.  There are different levels of awareness and existence.  Being spirits with a body, we can naturally connect with the other dimension.  In a sense, this explains the almost innate sense of “Higher Power” that the majority of humanity share.  We may call it by a different Name.   Even athiests, IMO, have a sense of something else.  They may describe it as science.  If we were bodies with spirits, the body becomes of larger importance.



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