Indie Films and Ferrets

This blog entry is a bit different from my usual.  It is about a project near and dear to me: ferrets and their legal status in California.  A group of very creative individuals are involved in independently producing a full-length feature film that highlights the difficulties faced by ferret owners in California.  It also touches on the challenging world of ferret rescue.  Unlike cats and dogs, many Humane Society and other animal shelters do not accept ferrets.  Often, they are euthanized immediately or refused.   Unwanted ferrets are frequently turned loose to “be wild.”  Unfortunately, ferrets do not survive long once they are set “free.”  They end up dying from dehydration, starvation, predators, or traffic.  Ferret rescues are run by volunteers and depend on donations to survive.  The rescue operators spend their own money to care for the unwanted, the ill, the old.  There are many wonderful ferrets waiting in rescues to be adopted to new forever homes.

Zahn came to me from Ferret Haven of Spokane. She was a wonderful, gentle, playful little ferret.




I represent a group of individuals who are currently working to raise funds to produce an independent full length feature movie.  The name of the movie is The Ferret Squad. The film is about a young boy named Max, who smuggles his pet ferret into the state of California. He befriends a group of kids that run an underground ferret rescue and adoption organization, while living under the eye of an employee of California Fish and Game. But when his secret is exposed, Max must fight for what he loves, or else lose his beloved pet forever. It is a movie that people of all ages can enjoy, and carries the message of the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

Imagine if your chihuahua was not allowed within the borders of your state. Imagine if you could be fined and sent to jail, simply because you had a tabby cat in your home. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? But everyday, an estimated 100,000 residents of California face those threats, all in the name of ferrets. Since 1933, California has banned ferrets from being kept as pets within their borders, despite the fact that scientific data does not confirm any of the threats they claim ferrets pose to the state.

I am a ferret, not a criminal

Ferrets, like all pets, are not just animals–they’re family. They provide companionship, unconditional love, and are successful therapy animals. Do we want lawmakers taking away our rights to share our lives with such special creatures, when the benefits we get from them are so important? Those of us not living in California may not see the urgency of the situation, but fact is California legislators, if given their way, would have ferrets banned from many other states as well. What if they didn’t stop with ferrets? Eventually, their unfounded claims could affect everyone who has a pet. It is our responsibility to defend these animals, and to help the citizens of California, not to mention save the lives of over 500,000 ferrets that live under the radar.   I know first-hand the therapeutic value of ferrets.  My furchildren have provided comfort during my struggles with Traumatic Brain Injury.  They are joyful animals.  It is impossible to be stressed or sad when watching ferrets play.  They are affectionate and loving.  They bond with each other and with their human caretaker.

The Ferret Squad want to change society’s misconceptions about ferrets, as well as aid in the fight to have the ban in California overturned. But we really need your help. Please consider sharing about the movie on your website or blog. We have until June 10th to raise $40,000. During its Indiegogo fundraising effort, 5% of all donations will be going to Donations can be made at You can watch The Ferret Squad promotional video at Many people from across the world are already spreading the word about The Ferret Squad. Please let me know at you earliest convenience if you would be willing to post a small article on your site about the movie and its fundraising campaign. More information about The Ferret Squad is available on their website at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at @theferretsquad. I sincerely thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will join us!

If you can not donate, please reblog this post.  Help us to raise awareness of the movie and the plight of ferrets in California.

The Ferret Squad Street Team- Lydia H


One response to “Indie Films and Ferrets

  1. Wonderful post! (Reminds me, I still need to write mine!) The constant misconceptions about ferrets are really upsetting. I am excited to be a part of a project that might be able to change the way people see ferrets. Maybe then more people will understand why overturning this ban is so important!

    ~ Jezzy
    Fellow Ferret Squad Street Team Member


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