Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale

This is my first foray into movie reviews on my blog.  The movie is called “Jake and Jasper, a Ferret Tale.”  It was produced by Alison Parker, an independent professional film producer in Vancouver, BC.  It stars Connor Stanhope as Jake and Falcor the ferret as Jasper.


Jake is struggling with the recent death of his mother.  He copes by withdrawing from family and friends.  Unfortunately, his withdrawal becomes a problem with his father.  His grieving father is not able to provide much emotional support to his two children, Jake and his older sister, Jesse.  Eventually, the grieving family drifts further apart.  Jesse gifts Jake a ferret named Jasper.   Jake finds a kindred soul to love and bonds.  After a conflict with his father, Jake is threatened by the loss of his beloved Jasper.  The two hit the road together and their adventure turns into danger.

The movie is a short film, only 25 minutes long.   However, it is an excellent family show.   It does not dwell on the sadness of loss.  It explores, although briefly, the results of unresolved grief on relationships.  It brings hope of love between brother and sister, boy and ferret.  In the end, there is a ray of hope of the healing of relationships.  Connor Stanhope does an excellent job as Jake.  His acting brings the pain of the young boy to life.  Falcor ferret is adorable.   It is a unique twist to see a ferret as the starring animal.

I give the movie 4.5 out of 5 stars.   I wish the characters could have been developed a little more.  Definitely purchase and view this movie if you’re a parent, child, teenager,  ferret or animal lover, or a human.

Movie Homepage: http://www.jake-and-jasper.com/

This is an amusing and effective promotional video shot to fund raise the production costs of Jake and Jasper.  It’s cute and worth viewing:

The producer entered the movie in several competitions.  Visit the website to view her awards, upcoming live screenings, and upcoming competitions and announcements.  The movie has won several awards already including,  the “Rising Star Award” at the Canadian International Film Festival, “The Award of Merit” at the Indie Film Festival.

One competition you can support is the International Movie Trailer Festival.  You can view the trailer and vote for it here:  http://www.internationalmovietrailerfestival.com/all-trailers/jake-jasper-a-ferret-tale/

Alison Parker plans to use the reward money, if she wins, to support her new project: a full length movie.  The new movie, The Ferret Squad, will address the issues surrounding the legal status of ferrets in California.  They are illegal.   The lives of ferrets discovered in California are in jeopardy.  They must be removed and relocated out of state.  Otherwise, they will be killed.

Alison Parker is on Facebook, as are Falcor Ferret, Connor Stanhope, and the Ferret Squad.  Visit her on Facebook to keep up to date of the progress of both Jake and Jasper and The Ferret Squad. 

Join the fun: get a copy of Jake and Jasper.  It is available at the movie website or you can also purchase a copy from ferret rescue and support their mission. 


4 responses to “Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale

  1. Great Review! I’ve watched the movie several times ~ along with our six ferrets who successfully found all three of the hidden Easter Eggs in the movie (bloopers, outtakes and special scenes). One can receive the DVD for a $25 donation to the Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue – just click here http://www.txferretrescue.org/
    Thanks ! Susan Jones from Texas


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