Ferret lesson 234- nothing ever stays clean

I spent today cleaning house with the help of two friends, two ferrets, a cat, and my friend’s dog.  My place needed a good spring cleaning.  Everything was so fresh, neat, and clean afterward.  And it no longer had that slightly stale smell of winter apartments.   So satisfying!

The ferrets were out during the cleaning of the cage.  Kaliyah enjoyed having another playmate, or perhaps plaything, in the house.  She chased a large, slightly goofy, black lab.   Kaliyah also assisted in properly locating an old pair of running shoes to where they really belonged.  Obviously.   She also assisted in locating cleaning supplies for the project.  One I retrieved the roll from under the couch, the plastic bags were quite helpful.

Kaliyah helps get supplies to clean... or hide?



The cage was the last chore for the day.  I needed a nap and my friends were heading home.  Time for ferret round up.  We got Tosca in her part of the cage.  Kaliyah was having a good time playing “catch me if you can” with us.  Honestly, we didn’t try very hard.  She was adorable, bouncing and running all over the room, diving into tubes, and otherwise being hyper.    The game ended when Kaliyah ran into her cage to get a drink.  She was quite surprised when the door shut behind her.


I went over to my friend’s for dinner tonight.  When I got home, I got the ferrets out for playtime.   At 10:00, I usually put the ferrets up for the night.  Generally, they had a few hours’ of hard play and are asleep in one of their hidey-holes.  Bedtime means warm hammocks and blankies, food and water to be had, and safety.  Tonight, again, I had trouble locating Kaliyah.  What has she climbed this time?

My little spider ferret is still developing her newly discovered ability: climbing. Unfortunately, she is much more skilled going up than coming down. Tonight’s adventure… she climbed up and into the second level of the cage. That wouldn’t be bad, only that level belongs to Tosca, her “evil nemesis.” She was in residence at the time. I didn’t realize where Kaliyah was and shut the door. Their cage WAS clean earlier. After the “little discussion,” I had to change out the bedding and wipe down the floor. POOF! went Kaliyah with her Weapon of Miasimic Destruction. And POOP went Tosca, being angered and startled by the intruder. What a night.  I just got two disgruntled ferrets separated into separate levels and cleaned the mess.

Lesson 234.  What is clean now never stays that way.  Think about it.  We run the dishwasher and our dishes are clean.  We eat something later and we have more dirty dishes.  Same with clean laundry.  We wear it, it gets dirty.   So why bother cleaning?


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