Signs of the Times

The world is a confusing place.   But, at least driving is easy.  Just follow the signs.

 You can’t get there from here.  Good thing there’s a stop sign.

Um… Which way?  Maybe straight?

This reminds me of a trying to sort out all the confusing sensory input early in my concussion recovery.  Everything coming from all directions and nothing making sense.  But, somehow, I made it through.

How do we get to I-95?

 As long as you miss the tree, you’re all good.

Some signs state the obvious.  And others make no sense at all.

 Really?  Where is that move covered in the driver’s manual??  What turn signal do I use?

 Highway workers suffering hallucinations?

Ever think life is like those signs?  We live in a world filled with information.  Some is accurate.  Other information is misleading, confusing, false, or contradictory.  We have to make sense of all the input and make solid decisions.  No wonder life isn’t perfect.  But, it’s an adventure!

This sign would have been useful before my accident.

I always obey street signs.

A sign that would have helped after the accident:

 At least I would have understood what just happened.

Some signs are placed in appropriate locations

 Life imitates signs:


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