Insomnia 2

Awake I ponder
Sheep jumping in the meadow
Why do they leap high?
Peacefully sleeping
Innocent ferret dreaming
Awake brings mischief.

I still have trouble with my sleep pattern.  After the concussion, I spent several months trying to adjust my sleep back to regular pattern.  The medication that I took for the anxiety symptoms helped.  As my anxiety lessened, the dosage was lowered.  Unfortunately, my improvement in sleep seemed to be connected to the side effect of the medication.  This past month, I significantly lowered my caffeine intake.  I wonder if I need caffeine to sleep?  hmmm….

Concussions can damage the reticular activating system, or RAS.   This area of the brain regulates arousal and the sleep-awake pattern.  It is also associated with balance problems and sensory over-stimulation.   I discovered an article on RAS while browsing on  It answers many of the symptoms I had directly after the concussion and currently.   Unfortunately, damange to the RAS doesn’t always heal.  However, there are some rehabilitation techniques.  I need to discuss my ongoing sleep regulation problem with my doctor and neurologist.

I still nap in the afternoon.  However, if I am fatigued after work or activity, if I miss the nap I end up with a migraine.  Because of the pain and medication I need to take for the headache, I sleep anyway.   I really don’t think the nap is related to wanting to be awake most of the night.

Brigid is getting annoyed with me.  It’s past her bedtime.  Diva-kitty.  I shall go back to my bedroom and read so Brigid can go to bed.


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