Peanut butter and whiskers

Oh, little ferret!
Naughty peanut butter raid!
Sticky on whiskers.

Only choosy ferrets choose Jiff!

I must not have screwed the lid down tightly after the last time I had peanut butter.  Last night, Lady Tosca scaled the drawers and found a yummy treat.  She was quite busy last night.  She also got into my purse and stole my wallet and stashed it.  I had several panicked minutes this morning trying to find my wallet.  After tracing my actions yesterday, I realized that Tosca stole and stashed it.  Now, I only had to find it.  The wayward weasel put it away under my kitchen sink, in her sleep bag.  That is where it belonged.  I need to check to make sure she didn’t have a spending spree when I wasn’t looking.  Little furry theif.  I don’t know why I’m worried about disability retirement.  I can take her to a mall and turn her loose.  Of course, if I did that, she’d probably decided that used handkerchiefs were much more interesting to steal.

The furry children were energetic this week.   For example, Ferret Tag was the main source of entertainment.  A few nights ago, Brigid chased Kaliyah down the hallway.  Kaliyah flew into her tube.  Brigid ran headlong into the narrow entrance.  Only her head and shoulders made it into the tube.  As a tiny kitten, she fit into the tubes and enjoyed chasing the ferret through them.  Now, she pulled her head out and leapt down the hall to the other side to chase the emerging ferret into their bedroom.  In another game this week, the strained relationship between Kaliyah and Tosca brought a game to a halt.   Kaliyah sped down the hallway, with Brigid in close pursuit.  Tosca emerged from the bathroom and Kaliyah ran into her.  Kaliyah jumped on Tosca, hissing and screaming.  Tosca immediately squealed and the battle was on.    Brigid stopped and watched the squabble, frozen in place.  The screeching ferrets rolled on the ground, then poof! Kaliyah engaged her WMD.  With a disgusted expression on her face, Brigid sneezed and ran back into the living room.  The girls continued their confrontation until they mutually backed away, Kaliyah going to the ferret room, Tosca to the living room.

Who need television when you have ferrets and a partly grown cat?  Better than cable.


2 responses to “Peanut butter and whiskers

  1. I so agree that the sheer delight of watching fur kidz play is much better than anything TV can offer – unless it’s Animal Planet with a special on fur babies. The laughter that arrises while watching is true medicine for the soul.


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