What a Drama Queen!

Brigid is a drama queen. When she first came home, a wee little bit, I made the mistake of allowing her to get me up at 4:00am for a delicious meal of the “special” food- canned wet. Brigid is a very social kitten. She requires company when she dines. I not only fed her, I had to stand in the kitchen until she finished. Otherwise, she’d eat a bite or two, then come back into the bedroom and meow at me. Brigid is now 8 months old. My initial assumption that she would no longer need a morning feeding as she developed was obviously wrong. Either that, or she knows that she has me neatly wrapped around her little paws.

Two weeks ago, I decided that her dry food would have to suffice. I was no longer getting my sleep deprvied body out of a nice, warm, comfortable bed to walk into the kitchen to serve a meal and keep her company while she slowly dined. Brigid does not even need to walk to the kitchen to eat. She has a small bowl of food and water in my room.

The process has actually gone fairly well. I was out of town for several days during this time period, so there was no human in residence to arise before dawn. On some days I have been home, Brigid has been tired enough from the play with Kaliyah to sleep in. Usually, however, I have to convincingly play a the role of a sleeping human.

It generally works like this. Brigid begins by walking over me to the end table while purring. If that does not result in my waking, she then jumps on my chest and shoves her adorable little nose into my face. Chuff, purrrr. Then, the gentle batting of the paws start. Often, she repeats the pouncing and walking parts. There have been times that I have been so tired that I was aware of her antics but never fully roused. Other times, I would lay quietly “sleeping” and ignore her. Eventually, she gives up and I hear “thump” followed by “crunch” as she satisifes her hunger with the “substandard” kibble.

This morning, Brigid was thouroughly disgusted with this new turn of affairs. I was gifted with the pouncing, purring, chuffing, and meowing. She also found a new location for her front paws; one that was rather uncomfortable for me but padded and soft for her. Her nose once again was in my face. This time: “humpf.” She snorts in evident disgust, then plops down onto my chest, with her but end facing my head. I never knew a cat could snort in disgust. Evidently, Brigid can. It figures, as she is an usual cat. She enjoys a good game of fetch, on HER terms, of course. A few moments following the snort, she heaves a gigantic sigh. What a little drama queen! I fought so hard not to give up my awake status by laughing. Good thing I was exhausted this morning and only half-awake at best. I was able to fall back into a dose.

A few minutes later, “thump, crunch.” Brigid was not going to starve herself to make a point.


One response to “What a Drama Queen!

  1. Now that’s a descriptive post. I’m still smiling and laughing.

    I suspect that Brigid was so delighted that she had you trained in such a short time and now you’ve completely backslid and aren’t as smart as she thought you were.


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